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Moby Dick Strain: The Strongest Sativa




Moby dick strain

The Moby Dick strain isn’t categorized amongst the most powerful sativas in the cannabis world for nothing. Originally, Moby Dick strain comes from Amsterdam but is now bred all across the world and pot enthusiast love it for many reasons. One of which is its euphoric buzz of energy appropriated with a massive punch and a cerebral, head-spinning high. It surely takes an experienced smoker to truly enjoy the Moby Dick strain in full.

The Moby Dick strain: All you need to know

First and foremost, the potency level of this strain is on a high scale, higher than most sativas out there, which is why I’m going to start this Moby Dick strain review by advising that the newcomers in the marijuana world should be cautious. The THC levels can go all the way up to 27%, however, its fast-acting potency hits your head after just a couple of puffs, hence you should start small. Then, after you get used to the buzzed high the Moby Dick strain provides you with, I guarantee it’ll become your quintessential, go-to cannabis strain.

Moby Dick Side effects

Moby Dick effects via leafly.

With parents like the hybrid White Widow and the sativa Haze (the first one is known for its power and potency while the latter for its cerebral stimulation), the Moby Dick strain hits you quickly overwhelming your body and mind with great immensity. It is a 75% sativa, 25% indica ratio.

The looks of the Moby Dick strain

Moby Dick Buds

Moby Dick strain buds via leafly.

Its appearance is characterized by dense and thick buds just like your classic Sativa strain. By color, it varies between shades of green, dark to light, and has dark orange pistils that cover its sugar-coated leaves all over. When you look at it under the light it looks frosted due to the sugar crystals and appears absolutely beautiful with all its shine and sparkle.

Scents and flavor of the MD

When it comes to the aromas and scents, when you smell the Moby Dick strain you will sense the much delightful citrus notes from the Haze twister and twirled with some hints of vanilla and eucalyptus thanks to the White Widow. This combo will surely get you hooked after the first few tries of the Moby Dick strain.

The flavor of the strain is equally satisfying just like its smell. Sour, refreshing lemon is quite noticeable but it is also nicely balanced with the sweet creamy vanilla appropriated by a gentle touch of woodsy pine. Despite its power and potency, the Moby Dick strain won’t get you coughing or cause cottonmouth, or sore throat while smoking. Its inhale and exhale are quite soft, as a matter of fact.

MD strain effects and potency

Moby Dick Potency

Moby Dick strain effects via Leafly.

When you start smoking the MD and you learn how to drive the whole experience, you’ll realize that it’s actually quite relaxing and euphoric while simultaneously inducing your creative juices flowing. Smokers who have experienced its power say it makes you quite productive and energetically inspired overall.

This makes the strain excellent for when you need that extra push in times when you struggle with difficult mind-inducing tasks that you don’t always have the energy to complete. You can expect it to make you leave all your worries, tensions, anxieties and stresses behind with its beautiful shocks of uplifting bliss that comes with every puff.

The medical benefits

Moby Dick Medical Benefits

MD strain via leafly

The medical benefits of the Moby Dick strain are numerous, and as you could probably have guessed it by now, it has its major popularity when it comes to relieving chronic stress, fatigue and mood disorders that come with depression and bipolarity. Due to its sativa-dominant properties, the strain is great to be enjoyed during the daytime because it gives you a buzzing energy that will probably break your sleep. Furthermore, people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks will most likely experience all their worries melting away while they tap into a truly positive-thinking and happy mental state overall.

The gradually increased intake is advised, as the Moby Dick strain can be quite potent in the beginning. It’s very well-fit for cancer patients because it has the ability to numb away physical pain, nausea, fatigue, and greatly increase appetite. Additionally, if you suffer from migraines, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue, aches and pains, anorexia or arthritis, the MD strain will set you free of the symptoms in no time.

Growing the Moby Dick strain

One of the best traits of the MD strain is that it’s fairly easy to be cultivated as it’s resistant to molds, mildews and most diseases that normally attack other strains that aren’t well taken care of. It also gives larger doses of yields, so it’s a win-win situation. If the weather conditions permit, growing your own Moby Dick strain outdoors is best. It requires a sunny and warm Mediterranean-like condition, just like most of the strains, and it needs to be exposed to plenty of sunlight and rays. The beginning of October is its harvest when grown outside and its typical flowering period is 9-10 weeks.

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