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I Dreamt The Ending To ‘Game Of Thrones’





Game Of Thrones

I dreamt the ending to ‘Game Of Thrones’ so none of us need to watch anymore; here’s what happens.

According to scientific research, smoking marijuana is supposed to decrease your odds of dreaming. People all over the globe can attest to this phenomenon; you don’t dream when you smoke weed before bed. The explanation is that cannabis lowers your likelihood of entering the REM sleep cycle, which is where dreams occur.

When users stop smoking weed for a little while, people report crazy, vivid dreams.

While all that sounds interesting, it turns out I’m the exact opposite. For whatever reason, I usually have wild dreams after getting high. I can’t explain it, that’s just what happens.

Maybe I’m an alien or maybe my wires are all programmed backward, but every time I get high before bed, I wake up the next day with an entire screenplay in my memory. Last night, after smoking a joint before bed, I watched one of the most interesting brain movies I’ve ever experienced.

In fact, it was an oddly specific one: the ending to HBO’s hit show ‘Game Of Thrones’.

Like millions of other fantasy fans around the globe, I am obsessed with the show Game Of Thrones. I love it so…so much. Not to mention, it’s one of the best shows to watch while stoned. So you can imagine my torment waiting the excruciating months until the final season gets underway. I mean, there isn’t another show builds up the suspense to such absurd degrees and then takes a two-year hiatus before ending???

I suppose my subconscious just couldn’t wait any longer and came up with its own ending.

Here’s how Game Of Thrones (maybe) ends, according to my sleeping imagination. Hopefully, this will tide you over until the show comes back.

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