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Learn how to freestyle rap with Ellevan.

Meet Ellevan. His craft is music. Every Tuesday on Facebook at 6:30 PM EST, Ellevan teaches you how to freestyle rap.

That’s right: The Ellevan Freestyle Livestream. The hottest thing to hit the web since sliced bread and the best place to find creative freestyle rhymes.

Simply put, Ellevan is considered one of Canada’s most dynamic ‘freestyle’ artists. He sings, raps and creates custom songs out of thin air. Every Tuesday he gives the Higher Mentality audience a custom show, integrating the comments from the Livestream into his witty rhythm and poetry. It’s legit a freestyle rap battle with himself and the comments where you can learn how to freestyle rap.

Let’s not forget that this show is 420-friendly, and our man Ellevan is usually sparking up to get those creative juices flowing. Hip-hop and cannabis have a special bong and his message is clear: show up, relax, and let a master of words guide you through your Tuesday night.

It’s like a trip on a magic-carpet without the rug burn.

How to Freestyle Rap With Ellevan

Ellevan doesn’t give you a step-by-step lesson per se, but his freestyle livestream is a perfect example of honing your craft. Like all his streams, the vibes are relaxed and the audience is invited to submit comments for Ellevan to hit in stride. If you are wondering how to freestyle rap like the best of them, stick around for a while, you might learn a thing or two.

Ellevan is like a human freestyle rap generator. I mean, when you got that much flow, you can’t help but overflow.

If you’re just starting off, watch the stream, here are five tips for learning how to freestyle rap.

Start easy.

The simplest advice is also the most important. You don’t run before you walk, and freestyle rap is the same. Focus on hitting your rhymes on-time in a simple 4/4 bar scheme. Don’t worry as much about throwing in duplets and triplets to start. Your rhymes will evolve as you grow.

Keep flowing.

This is something we can all learn from Ellevan. When we think of how to freestyle rap, flow and timing always come into the conversation. Ellevan is a master of the flow, knowing exactly when to change tempo or increase his tone.

Rhyme in your mind ahead of time.

It’s usually a good strategy to keep your mind empty and poised, but rhyming ahead of time is always a good strategy when learning how to freestyle rap.

Rap about things around you.

Here’s another lesson we can learn from Ellevan. The Canadian rapper uses everything at his disposal. Especially the comments you leave for him in the livestream.

Welcome to the Online Tutorial of How to Freestyle Rap

how to freestyle rap


Everything Ellevan raps on the show is a freestyle. He may prepare a few lines before, but there is absolutely no reading involved. We made a strict rule: no ‘writtens’ allowed! This way, the audience, and viewers are encouraged to drop words, phrases, and ideas into the comment section for Ellevan to integrate into his rhymes. You become a part of the show! And Ellevan creates more organic and funny freestyle raps.

On the topic of souls 

Ellevan wanted everyone to know that “this next song is about souls.” He caught the rhyme from the audience

“you a good soul. You can tell.

we all good souls. you can tell.

I’m a good soul, ya as well. like

ain’t never sold out, which you know now

we the good souls cause you know

we always hold out.”

About Ellevan

ellevan freestyle

Ellevan, locally loved and internationally known for his freestyle and production abilities. Evan Ellevan started in the entertainment industry at 16. By 20, he fulfilled his dream to perform stand up at the World Famous Comedy Story. By 22, Ellevan moved to Toronto to pursue a future in music.

After achieving local fame in the live Toronto music scene, he challenged himself to take it to the streets. Here he would birth his flawless freestyle execution and expand his songwriting skills to co-write for some of the cities hottest and biggest names.

Friendships would blossom in Los Angeles with world-class creators. Now, Ellevan is breaking world records by releasing a song and a music video every single day this year. He is also partnering with some large brands as a content creators.

Follow the journey at @EllevanMusic.

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