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Meet the Human Freestyle Rap Generator.

freestyle rap generator

His name is, Ellevan, and his role as a human freestyle rap generator is the reason you should tune into the HM facebook feed every Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

That’s right: The Ellevan Freestyle Livestream. The hottest thing to hit the web since sliced bread and the best place to find creative freestyle rhymes.

Simply put, Ellevan is considered one of Canada’s most dynamic ‘freestyle’ artists. He sings, raps and creates custom songs out of thin air. Every Tuesday he gives the HigherMentality audience a custom show, integrating the comments from the Livestream into his witty rhythm and poetry.

Let’s not forget that this show is 420-friendly, and our man Ellevan is usually sparking up to get those creative juices flowing. His message is clear: show up, relax, and let a master of words guide you through your Tuesday night.

It’s like a trip on a magic-carpet without the rug burn.

What is a Freestyle Rap Generator? 

Over the years, MCs have worked on ways to harness their craft. From ciphers and live sessions, came live streams. Back alleys turned to back-web forums, blocks to blog posts. Then came the software, programs specifically designed to generate random words and topics to improve the craft of freestyle rap artists. Freestyle rap generators like Rapscript or Freestyle, strive to improve an artists ability to think on the fly.

But who needs a freestyle rap generator software when you have HUMAN freestyle rap generator? A master of the mic and the crowd, Ellevan uses the Faecbook Livestream comments as his word generator. You get to become the algorithm, swaying and pushing Ellevan in different directions. Got something on your mind?

Drop it in the comments and Ellevan will turn tinder to fire.

The Freshest Freestyle Online Rap

Everything Ellevan raps on the show is a freestyle. He may prepare a few lines before, but there is absolutely no reading involved. We made a strict rule: no ‘writtens’ allowed! This way, the audience, and viewers are encouraged to drop words, phrases, and ideas into the comment section for Ellevan to integrate into his rhymes. You become a part of the show! And Ellevan creates more organic and funny freestyle raps. You are the freestyle rap generator!

In this live stream, Ellevan starts it out with a light-energy.

“Hey how’s it going down,

what are you about, truly now?

Groove with the beat,

then move like two feet.

every time that you feel the music with me, hey”

As always, he reaches out to the crowd to see how they are doing. His show is all about feedback and collaboration, so the essence is very much that. Without you and the audience, the show would not go on!

“Hey Cory how was your day, what you saying tho.

I been shooting videos hungover and laying low

 been looking at life like okay ya? maybe so.

eh ima maybe go, no, not maybe though.”

Positivity, self-reliance, and just an all-around energy are the main themes of Ellevan’s show.

Interactions with the Live Audience Freestyle Rap Generator

As the show goes on, more and more creative comments start to roll in. Here are some creative uses of audience comments in the livestream.

“Go on drop some comments. and I’ll rap to em”

Change the Flow up?  1:07

Asking Ellevan to change the flow in his rhyme is as easy as turning the tap. The man is just waiting for these opportunities and he double-timed his rhymes to show the audience a good time.

freestyle rap generator

Comments on the Ellevan Freestyle Livestream.

“Change the flow up? Thank you, Armin okay ya.

Let’s get a little double time, and you wonder why

like um, most rappers can’t do that but I can, okay ya,

go ahead and throw some nuts and bolts and some screws in.”

Talking about them ninjas and them triple threats 12:02

Ninjas and triple threats were tackled as well, no nun-chucks involved. Although there may be a few karate chops. Viewer discretion is advised.

Fans and viewers are invited to comment and have their suggestions turned into live freestyle rap.

“You a triple threat. Looking at you moving, and I say man what’s next.

What you saying now when you only got a rep. You gotta stay fit and plus you gotta flex.

What you saying next ya?

Pop it like a ninja, you know you’re talking about the power it’s within ya.”


About Ellevan

ellevan freestyle

Ellevan, locally loved and internationally known for his freestyle and production abilities. Evan Ellevan started in the entertainment industry at 16. By 20, he fulfilled his dream to perform stand up at the World Famous Comedy Story. By 22, Ellevan moved to Toronto to pursue a future in music.

After achieving local fame in the live Toronto music scene, he challenged himself to take it to the streets. Here he would birth his flawless freestyle execution and expand his songwriting skills to co-write for some of the cities hottest and biggest names.

Friendships would blossom in Los Angeles with world-class creators. Now, Ellevan is breaking world records by releasing a song and a music video every single day this year. He is also partnering with some large brands as a content creators.

Follow the journey at @EllevanMusic.

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