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The man himself shows you why you should tune in every Tuesday for Ellevan’s Freestyle Livestream (EFL).

Simply put, Ellevan is considered one of Canada’s most dynamic ‘freestyle’ artists. He sings, raps and creates custom songs out of thin air. Every Saturday he gives the HigherMentality audience a custom show, integrating the comments from the Livestream into his witty rhythm and poetry.

Let’s not forget that this show is 420-friendly, and our man Ellevan is usually sparking up to get those creative juices flowing. His message is clear: show up, relax, and let a master of words guide you through your Saturday afternoon.

It’s like a trip on a magic-carpet without the rug burn. Here are three streams you’ve already missed!

Ellevan Freestyle Livestream Part 1

Ellevan Freestyle Livestream Part 2

Ellevan Freestyle Livestream Part 3

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