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Over the weekend, a video was released to South Park’s YouTube channel to seemingly poke fun at corporate weed retailer, Med Men. The hilarious hit job brilliantly, blatantly and accurately took aim at Med Men’s tiring,  “New Normal” campaign. 

If you haven’t been keeping up with new episodes of South Park, last season’s finale had Randy Marsh move out of the city and out to a farm. This weekend, we got a hilarious update from Randy, and he let us know that he has a new cannabis farm, called Tegridy. 

Randy Marsh and Towelie

Randy’s hilarious monologue was such: 

“Our country did lose its way and begin a War on Drugs that was and still is just a war on people. And then a bunch of young corporate banker types come along telling us we’re all in the ‘new normal,’ as they try to turn god’s green miracle into an easy buck for themselves. They even hire fancy Hollywood directors to make them look all hip and cool, But you know what? Fuck those guys. They ain’t got no integrity.”

Interesting thing is, this might be the beginning of a hilarious new ad campaign for a legitimate new cannabis brand. Reports came in from San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)  that South Park were giving away free Tegridy t-shirts and swag and Tegridy Farms LLC has been officially registered in Colorado and Oregon. 

If South Park are getting into the cannabis game, you can imagine we’ll be covering it like crazy.

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Ben Rispin is a critically acclaimed Canadian musician ( The Saint Alvia Cartel, The Video Dead), podcast host, writer, and life long cannabis advocate. Ben has over 20 years of experience in music, events, marketing, management, brand integration, new media and film production.

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