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10 Hilarious Tweets About Weed Part 3





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What better way to enjoy your high than with 10 hilarious tweets about weed that will make you laugh so much you’ll get an ab workout?

Scrolling through Twitter can be one of the funniest activities to do while high. The world is full of hilarious people, who often times don’t work in entertainment or comedy at all. That’s what makes Twitter is such a great place because Steve from Arizona with 450 followers might actually be a heck of a lot funnier than most of the professional comedians out there. A platform is a place for regular, ordinary people to voice their thoughts and, often times, it’s hysterical.

On the other hand, there’s A LOT of garbage out there. If we’re being honest; giving everyone on the planet an opportunity to voice their thoughts isn’t always a good thing. So, we’ve scoured Twitter on your behalf and come up with a collection of the funniest weed-centric tweets you’ll ever see. In case you missed the previous installments of funniest weed tweets, you can check part one here, and part two here.

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