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Smoking Weed and Games: 5 Games That NEED To Be Remade




On September 20th, Link’s Awakening saw the release of a modern re-make of a remaster of the 1993 Game Boy original.

I got to thinking…what games would I like to see be remade?

Do I even want to go down this road?


Let’s dive into 5 games that need to be remade!

Humans are an interesting breed, prone to repetition. We repeat everything…but I’m not talking about the dreary existence that is not being high. I mean that little something that has become truly engrained in our society: Nostalgia. Oh, just typing out the word fills my mind with pictures of grainy films, ugly hairstyles and hideous polygons. It’s that omnipresent feeling of “God Damn! You remember that? It was the shit!” Whether we are remaking the coolest muscle cars, the hottest fashion trends, all of the 80’s (Stranger Things), and what seems like EVERY movie (whether it was good or bad, you know it, you love it or… most likely hate it.) The cyclical series of events that are retold, spinning us down those same corridors, and reliving that same old Groundhog Day. This trend can now be seen busting down the door on my favorite of childhood hobbies.

Wait for it…

They are remaking video games!

I’m not talking about HD remaster,s or simple ports of old games to new systems. I’m talking about that from the ground up, stolen idea, completely re-done. Now, I’m of two minds about this; this year we saw the Resident Evil 2 remake drop to incredible acclaim from myself and many critics all around the gaming world.  So, we can see how groundbreaking games and ideas can be brought back with a new – but familiar – spin to delight previous and new audiences alike. But, I’m a pessimist and foresee a lot of failures – *I’m looking at you Final Fantasy 7 remake!!!* – from the many game development companies trying to jump in and relive the glory of their collective pasts. But, assuming everyone can be as thoughtful in dissecting and re-laying the foundations that brought this mighty behemoth of an industry to fruition like we played in RE2, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Spyro, and the Shadow of the Colossus remakes, we’ve got nothing to worry about with our beloved franchises. So let’s put on the weed coloured glasses and look at my list of games that NEED to be remade.

5: Tony Hawk Pro Skater

5 Games That NEED To Be Remade

Bring Back Those Sweet Grinds!

My Press “X” to Get High co-host, Snake, already covered most of what makes this series an incredible set of games in their own right in a previous article. But, if this is most often considered the best series in skateboard video gaming, why aren’t we getting new incarnations of this beloved franchise? Here is my compromise: Reboot it. Just give us more of what we already love. Give us the comprehensive level design that left us grinding out different paths only to find something new every time we picked up the controller. Give us those incredible soundtracks which pump you up and keep you enraptured in finally nailing that million point trick. The graphics of these games are outdated now, so just bring back that excellent gameplay of fluid trick-to-trick addiction in a new updated engine. Add in some new trophy/achievement support and a splash of paint. That’s all we ask.

4: Bully

So you say, “Everyone knows they should remake Tony Hawk, Logan!” Alright! You want a controversial one? Shut up nerd! See what I did there? But seriously, let’s look at one of Rockstar’s aging IP’s.  It was a different time in 2006, and we saw the release of a controversial and widely beloved title, aptly named “Bully”. Who knows if we are in the political climate to ever see the sequel to this silly and endearing game? But I believe there is a large enough fan base that wishes to revisit the Bullworth academy again to warrant this. Bully has already had a Botox adjustment with the remaster from the ps2 to the Xbox 360 some years ago, but it remained the same game simply ported over. We want a sequel or remake with current Gen graphics, new stories/missions, and a deep overhaul of the clunky gameplay. Give us a few new tricks and parody characters to cause mayhem with and you will have the hearts of the Bully’s in the stands. But if not, Rockstar…meet us out by the bike racks after school!

3: Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Bring Back The Beloved Fur Ball

Remember the simple days, when a foul-mouthed murdering Squirrel ruled the day on the Nintendo 64? I do, and I know you do, too. This cult-classic game is on many gamers lists as one of their most beloved games. We saw Conker’s released near the end of the 64’s cycle, and with that we saw some things breaking from the mould with this release. It had fun, simple platforming gameplay, with brilliant colourful visuals that coalesced with the childish humour that – although, was a far reach from the family friendly escapades of Mario and pals – was something new and fresh. We experienced this crazy narrative, all voiced along the way with powerhouse performances. The developers at Rare sure knew what they were doing when they developed this distinct graphical style and iconic look that lends itself to a beautiful 2020 rework.

2: Silent Hill

Oh, Silent Hill…one of the pioneers of horror gaming and the reason I love this genre so damn much. What can I say about this game that hasn’t been said? A ground breaking masterpiece if there ever was one. When this game released in 1999 I don’t think anyone knew the lasting impact it would have. It defined the survival horror genre. It besets the player with its terrifying atmosphere, a mysterious awe-inspiring location, carried along with a brilliant creepy soundtrack. There is a slew of reasons why this game needs a remake; revamp the dated graphics and gameplay elements and we would have a truly terrifying remake. Which is precisely why the brilliant Hideo Kojima saw fit to take up the mantle to write and direct it with the help of the Oscar winning mind of Guillermo Del Toro. Together the world was gripped with horror and excitement at the endless possibilities this tandem would create when we first dove into “P.T.” – a playable demo which we would later learn was the initial teaser for Silent Hills – what would be the ninth installment of the series, and many believed would have rebooted the series. But it was not to be as Konami cancelled the project, and… well…feuding with famed Kojima during a time which he was winning many game awards for his recently released Metal Gear Solid 5. He was fired from the company and ordered to not appear to his own award nominations/wins or speak out about it. This is one of the many, MANY, reasons why I hate Konami. But I digress, we were so close and when this news was released I’m pretty sure I heard millions and millions of voices cry out… Screaming “F$*@ Konami!”

Special mention: The Metal Gear Series

This one is on this list as special mention because we will never see it happen due to the treatment of its creator and visionary previously mentioned. Hideo Kojima was given a blank cheque and is moving on with his own company Kojima Productions. But if you are aware of just how special the first entry and subsequent sequels of this franchise are, you will grieve with me. A fantastic remake of the Metal Gear franchise after the departure of the creator would go a long way in mending the growing rift between Konami and its long-time fans. Redo the primitive gameplay, old graphics and game play and hire some solid *ha* voice actors. This game would rise from the ashes like a phoenix completely reborn, but I’m not holding my breath. *cough metal gear survive cough*

1: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Released in 2003 for the original Xbox by the developer, Bioware, in a precursor to the widely beloved Mass Effect series. This title was in the Star Wars landscape and brought about a whole new standard for the action RPG. Probably one of my favorite RPG’s of all time. We have seen it ported to countless devices, including tablets and phones. Why? Because it did the impossible: It fulfilled the legions of adoring fans with a canon recognized amazing action packed story filled with surprise and peril. The gameplay which is solid yet unremarkable was obviously the stepping stone to many eventual industry leading Bioware titles. It will hold a special place in my heart and many other gamers. Hopefully one day we can see this masterpiece reborn.

So, there it is. Hate my list? Have your own? Let’s chat about it. I’d love to hear from you. You can always find me on Higher Mentality’s Twitch Feed for our show Press “X” to get High at or my own channel or at any of our socials at Press “X” to get high.

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