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What Does Kush Mean? Your 101 Kush Guide




What does kush mean

To define Kush and to know the exact Kush meaning, you have to have a better understanding of the whole story behind the cannabis varieties and the way they are grown today. Namely, the cannabis plant itself is categorized in many different ways according to different scientists. The most typical way of classification are the three most widely known weed types: Sativa, hybrid, and indicia. These 3 are based on the morphology of the plant. However, these are only 3 large groups that can be further delineated into many other categories. The popular weed culture calls them the Kush, Haze, and Skunk (or Purple). These 3 branches of cannabis are distinct by their color, appearance, smell, flavor, the effect on the body, chemical composition, and, of course, geographic regions.

Out of the three, today we will discuss just what does Kush mean and how this variety of cannabis changed the way people grew and enjoyed cannabis all over the world. In order to understand fully, we need to take a closer look into this strain’s origins, lineage, effects, and how you can recognize it by its unique characteristics.

How to define Kush?

Kush can be defined today as somewhat an iconic strain that is presented as the building block of most of the genetics of the other not so popular cannabis strains we grow and smoke today. You see, genes are changing, modifying by the consumer’s special needs and preferences but the basics and the origins stay the same. The ones coming from a Kush parent will always be defined as Kush strains and nothing can change that.

This being said, it’s important to note that Kush is a very specific cannabis variety that had originated from the Hindu Kush Mountains. So if you were wondering about the Kush meaning, it takes upon the region where it was initially grown and harvested. Namely, this region sits across the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. What makes it so unique is that this is one of the very few regions in the world where marijuana is able to grow natively.

Can we define Kush by its attributes?

Kush genetics are usually pretty strong and when crossed with other genes they are the ones that usually prevail. The Kush is always able to spread its attributes on other marijuana strains, so if someone wonders what does Kush mean and asks you to define Kush, these are its most recognizable attributes.

  • The appearance of the Kush strain: If you are growing Kush, or you simply want to define Kush better, you should know that this strain usually grows in deep green colas. It has lleft of rich purple color, although not very visible at all times. The hairs (or pistils) of the plant sometimes look bronze, orange or give off the appearance of something deeper and darker like rust.
    Furthermore, the buds of the plant are coming from a thick plant and are chunky and densely knotted.
  • The smell of Kush: The smell isn’t something definite like its growth and it can range between citrus, gas, and herbs. Also, it can give hints of floral, pungent, pine, sweet fruit, earthy, and even spicy. This rich variety of smells between the Kush plants is what makes the Kush strain so special and popular among weed enthusiasts who want to try something different each time.
  • The flavor of the Kush indeed strongly depends on the smell and the variety of the Kush plant. When you want to define Kush by its flavor, you would probably say it ranges between tasting of flowers, grape, diesel, herbaceous, smooth, citrusy, and earthy.

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  • The effects of Kush: It can be tricky to define Kush through its effects only because other strains can induce similar effects and feelings too based on their similarity in the chemistry and ratios of cannabinoid. However, indeed the plant can have strong feelings that can hit you in the head pretty intensely if you are a newbie smoking it for the first time.
    Namely, the effects define Kush as pretty heavy and sedative inducing the couch-lock feeling for hours. This categorizes the Kush as a meditative variety of

The most popular varieties of Kush strains

While growers have become really creative in the last decade or so when it comes to growing Kush strains, there are some varieties of the plant that had stayed the same. These are among the most popular ones when it comes to smoking the Kush strains, and they truly define the Kush meaning in general.

1. Bubba Kush

The Bubba Kush is for those who love their weed with some potent indica effects. The Bubba is pretty strong in sedating you and locking you to the couch like no other. So when someone asks what does Kush mean, the Bubba defines it in the best manner. This variety of Kush can increase your appetite apart from fully relaxing you, so I would kindly advise to try not to fall asleep in front of the fridge while spooning a box of Ben and Jerry’s.

2. OG Kush

The OG Kush is probably the most popular of all Kush varieties out there if you ask any devoted pothead. This strain is an indica-dominant one and gives you an uplifting euphoria that will make you feel very pleasant and relaxed.

3. Skywalker OG

The Skywalker OG Kush is a strain that has the typical OG Kush effects, however, with the addition of the Skywalker, it only deepens the sedating effects that Kush has in general. You can recognize the Skywalker by its fruit-rich, diesel-driven flavor. The effects of this weed are a happy, uplifted mood mentally, while the body is taken by its relaxing and sedative effects.

4. Purple Kush

The purple Kush got its name by the deep purple foliage in addition to the earthy, grapey flavor. This Kush variety has a strong sleep-inducing effect with it’s indica-dominant attributes.

5. The Master Kush

The Master Kush is a perfect example of a Kush strain that inherits its genes directly from the Hindu Kush. If you cannot find the Bubba Kush, the Master is your perfect alternative with its sleepy, happy, and relaxing effects.

Which Kush variety is your go-to? Share your experiences in the comments section below, and let’s see which Kush wins.

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