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Why ‘Ganja Man’ by LARS is an Underrated Stoner Hip Hop Track




Why 'Ganja Man' by LARS is an Underrated Stoner Hip Hop Track

Looking for a smooth track featuring bongs, backwoods, and lots of dank nugs? ‘Ganja Man’ is the perfect tune for you.

The hip-hop community has long embraced cannabis culture, allowing artists to become ambassadors for a movement greater than their own.

Cyprus Hill, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Afroman. These are all pioneers and prophets of cannabis-centered hip-hop. Drawing from the themes of Rastafarian reggae and drum and bass, they created and continue to create blends of music that speak to large communities of cannabis enthusiasts.

Enter: LARS (the Last American Rockstars). Hilarious in its nature, they have created a track that is flying under the radar of stoner music. ‘Ganja Man,” is a light and comedic take on one man’s relationship with mary jane. Join Bizzare of D12 and King Gordy on a magical journey to dispensaries, grow-ops, and blunt seshes.

‘Ganja Man’ isn’t afraid to play with humor

Too often do we see hip-hop and cannabis approached with a tough-guy, “gangsta” vibe. But LARS brings a different and refreshing take on the subject. Their tone is light-hearted, and themes focus on things that regular people do when they are stoned. In the track they say,

“Its the reefer, and sativa / I just want to eat a slice of Pizza”

As a stoner watching the video, it felt like one of my homies accounting a way cooler version of his day. Not only was I laughing along the way, their insights were quite relevant and pointed.

“I go to the dispensary as soon as I get paid/Top shelf only baby tell me what to blaze.”

It’s about getting blazed, but its also about the political movement

From the streets to legalization, they note the shift in the industry.

“The dispensary is the weed man/just without the dreads.”

The humor is clear, but LARS also is clear about their feeling about cannabis. Pointing directly at classifications of the substance as a drug. LARS challenges that idea by saying,

“Now some call it a drug but its the love that’s within, that makes me cuddle up with blunts until I’m out of buds again.”

While the emphasis is on the recreational use of the plant, the song is filled with references to cannabis’ healing properties. The freedom to smoke weed is a lot about choice, but its also about access to proper medical treatment.

The ‘Ganja Man’ Beat is Fire, and the Chorus is Catchy

Overall, ‘Ganja Man,” offers a laid-back, jamming tone set over a classic reggae-inspired beat. The chorus is catchy, in fact, so catchy I found myself singing the words to my friends,

“Mr. Ganja Man, do you have some reefer to sell me my friend?”

LARS is definitely flying under-the-radar, but they continue to fly “high” in our books.

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