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Discreet Stash Box – A Stash Story

Higher Mentality Staff



A Stash Story – Discreet Stash Box

Stash Box Evolution

“I’ve never really had the need for a discreet stash box. Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of stash boxes. Growing up in a home full of hippies, I never had to be too discreet with them. Sometimes, a stash box wasn’t even needed. A couple of jars on my night table or even a few baggies in my sock drawer worked throughout high school. To be respectful, I’d throw it all in a shoe box. I had it pretty, prettyyyy good and stashing my weed was never a concern of mine.

Once I moved into my dorm at college, my stash box evolved into an iPhone case – real sophisticated, I know. My roommate was the BIGGEST pothead on campus so a discreet stash box was still not a necessity. He was nuts. I spent 3 years with the kid and I don’t think we ever spoke when he wasn’t high. It’s like he went to bed high and woke up high and got high again until it was time to sleep. He was definitely nuts, but also the best. Last I heard he was living in Alaska slinging fish at one of the local markets. Speaking of fish…



Plenty Of Fish In The Sea, But Only One For Me

Enter adulthood, and my lovely fiancee Jenna. I smoke less nowadays but still enough to warrant keeping a stash box on hand. This time, discretion was key, and a discrete stash box was necessary. Keeping her happy is a top priority of mine.

When she first moved in, I was using an old shoe box like the good old days. Not bragging, that’s just how it was. Part of me was using it for practical reasons and another part of me was probably playing a little bit of nostalgia. It was right before the first time her parents were about to visit and she politely asked me to hide my weed supplies in a discreet stash box.

I’m really into fishing and so is her dad. I had my big supply box out getting ready for his arrival on the weekend and Jenna said “why not that? Now THAT’S a discreet stash box!”

This is why I’m marrying Jenna.


Fisherman’s Friend

I immediately ran to my local hardware shop to buy a second fishing supply box to use as my discreet stash box. I returned home to a happy fiancee, who helped me arrange my weed supplies within the box. That explains why it’s so well organized. Once it was done, she told me to be sure not to mix the two boxes up. The last thing I wanted was to be on the boat with her dad, only to open the fishing box to find my weed and supplies. That would have ended pretty badly. Discreet stash box or not, all discretion goes out the door when you open it up in front of those you’re hiding it from.

Funny enough, once we returned from our short fishing trip he followed me into the garage while I put my supplies away. He saw my discreet stash box in the corner and complimented my level of preparedness, saying how impressed he was that I keep a back-up.”

Most cannabis enthusiasts have a special container in their life, just like this stash box with lock! It’s a container that holds many things very near and dear to their heart. Papers, grinders, filters and more, a stoner’s stash box can tell you a lot about the owner. Is it big? Small? Dirty? Clean? Organized? Or messy? What about the story behind it?

In a Stash Story, we try to reveal the personal touches to choosing a place to store your herb. Your stash box could be a gift, a discovery, or an epiphany. But we want to see it!


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