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A Stash Box Story: Girlfriend’s Love

Higher Mentality Staff



A Stash Story: Girlfriend's Love

Most cannabis enthusiasts have a special container in their life. It’s a container that holds many things very near and dear to their heart. Papers, grinders, filters and more, a stoner’s stash box can tell you a lot about the owner. Is it big? Small? Dirty? Clean? Organized? Or messy? What about the story behind it?

In a Stash Story, we try to reveal the personal touches to choosing a place to store your herb. Your stash box could be a gift, a discovery, or an epiphany. But we want to see it!

A Stash Story: Girlfriend’s Love

“When my girlfriend first moved in, she threw a minor/major tantrum when she saw that my weed was scattered across the coffee table. Not long after, she realized that the small scissors, letter opener, and mangled business cards weren’t part of an art installation. I had an old Kiehl’s box that I tried to keep my stash and supplies in, the only problem being that I didn’t keep my stash and supplies in it. She’s a cool person so she made an effort to help me keep everything tidy in the box but even when I remembered to do it, the box was a bit of an eyesore.

Two years later and engaged to be married, I got home one night and walked into the living room to find a tidy coffee table. On it was a wooden tray, a book and a small plant. I sorta panicked – no stash in sight. I calmly asked her where I could find “my stuff”. She pointed to the coffee table and so I asked again. “Uhh, where’s my stuff..?” The smile on her face definitely walked a fine line between loving and psychotic. I honestly couldn’t tell. Her smile only got wider as she leaned forward to reach for the book. I swear I thought she was going to read me some bizarre excerpt from whatever horror novel/David Koresh playbook she’d put on display.

As it turned out, she didn’t join a cult or have a psychotic break, because when she got her hands on the “book”, she lifted the cover for me to see exactly what I was looking for. All of my weed and supplies fit perfectly inside the hollowed out book. Best. Stash box. Ever. We celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary in July ;)”


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