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A Stash Story: Papa’s Hand-Me-Down

Higher Mentality Staff



Most cannabis enthusiasts have a special container in their life. It’s a container that holds many things very near and dear to their heart. Papers, grinders, filters and more, a stoner’s stash box can tell you a lot about the owner. Is it big? Small? Dirty? Clean? Organized? Or messy? What about the story behind it?

In a Stash Story, we try to reveal the personal touches to choosing a place to store your herb. Your stash box could be a gift, a discovery, or an epiphany. But we want to see it!

A Stash Story: Papa’s Hand-Me-Down

“My grandfather is 100 years old. A few years back when it was obvious he couldn’t take care of himself anymore, my family moved him into a home. They asked my sister and I to go through his stuff and basically decide what to keep, sell and throw out. My sister got a head start while I was at work and the garbage pile was already massive. I was like, no way, this can’t ALL be garbage!!! She doesn’t like to be questioned so I knew better than to go through the pile in her presence.

When she took a bathroom break, I rushed to the pile destined for the trash and found this little suitcase/briefcase hybrid at the bottom of the pile. Turns out she just went to wash her hands, so by the time she resurfaced not even 30 seconds later, I was standing there with it in my hand with an unnecessarily guilty look on my face. She was REALLY annoyed that I was “undoing” the work she had done. Before I could get a word out, she sarcastically asked me if I’d be using it to “stash my drugs”. Hadn’t even considered that but wow, great idea sis!

Been using it as my stash box for the last few years and I recently told my Papa that I still had it. He was super happy that I kept it and told me to bring it on my next visit. I didn’t really want him to know what I had re-purposed it for, so I emptied it out and filled it with toiletries. When I brought it to him a week or so later, he told me all about what he used it for and when he got it. Wanting to see if the leather still had its familiar smell, he brought it close to his nose. I swear, within 5 seconds he put it back on his lap and asked if he could change the password. This 100 year old man, hunched in his wheelchair, changed it to 420 without missing a beat. He smiled, handed it back to me, and so began our 3 hour conversation about weed. Glad I second guessed my sister.”

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