A Stash Story: Checkmate – This Stash Box Is About More Than Chess
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A Stash Story: Checkmate




Most cannabis enthusiasts have a special container in their life. It’s a container that holds many things very near and dear to their heart. Papers, grinders, filters and more, a stoner’s stash box can tell you a lot about the owner. Is it big? Small? Dirty? Clean? Organized? Or messy? What about the story behind it?

In a Stash Story, we try to reveal the personal touches to choosing a place to store your herb. Your stash box could be a gift, a discovery, or an epiphany. But we want to see it!

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A Stash Story: Checkmate

“Fresh out of school with a diploma in hand (makes for an excellent rolling tray, btw), I decided it was time to shift from my college habits and start smoking weed like a gentleman. It was hard to get rid of the IPhone 3G box that served me so well over those 4 years, but at the end of the day, I forced myself to toss it in the recycling bin and start fresh. Knowing what I had on its way made it slightly easier. 

I ordered my new stash box online and it arrived within a week. This may seem dramatic, but my new stash box is majestic. It really is. Like, checkmate, other stash boxes. I know it’s not a competition and I’m mostly kidding, but take a look at this thing. I believe it’s meant for cigars but turns out it works perfectly to stash my weed. There’s ample room for my bud, lighters, grinder and any and all additional tools I need to roll the perfect joint.

When my parents visited my new apartment a few months ago, dad questioned my newfound love for chess. Before I had the chance to respond, my mom reminded him (and me) that I was absolutely fascinated with the game of as a grade 1 student and how wonderful it is that I’m getting back into it. A part of me wanted to open it up and be like “THIS IS WHAT IT IS. IT’S FOR MY MARIJUANAS” but I thought better of it and defused the situation by asking my dad if 6 pawns equal 1 queen. He rolled his eyes and moved on to the next room.

So uh, ya. This is my premium stash box. It’s great.”


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Jared Michael Merman is good in telling the stories. You will find his series of articles interesting and funny.

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