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Smell Proof Stash Box; Here’s Why You Need It – A Stash Story

Higher Mentality Staff



A Stash Story: Smell Proof Stash Box

“This smell proof stash box has been an absolute lifesaver. To fully understand how this box has changed my life and kept me out of trouble, well, I’d have to hit rewind and take you back to a time when I had myself convinced that marijuana didn’t smell. Yes, that’s right. I was so young, SO ignorant, that I didn’t believe that weed had a distinctive and lingering stench.



Back in junior high, there was no need for a smell proof stash box, mostly because I didn’t really care for weed. Didn’t smoke it and therefore didn’t need a stash box! All my friends smoked weed and while not 100% sure, I think my parents and older sister did as well. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t novel or enticing to me.
Jump ahead to high school, where, in my hometown, you had to make an effort  NOT to smoke weed. Needless to say, by grade 10 I was smoking every other day. I never had my own stash though. There was always had a buddy of mine who was ready to light up and smoke me on his stuff. Again, the thought of how to “stash” my stash was never one that crossed my mind. Fast forward to grade 11. For fear of being branded as a mooch, I began to buy my very own marijuana! From my sister’s best friend…
Having my own stash meant having my own stash box, right? Well… no. A stash box didn’t even cross my mind and I decided that a little sandwich bag would be enough. I did this until my freshman year of college – nobody in my house ever questioned an unfamiliar smell, likely because the smell was very familiar to them. And you know, something something about throwing rocks from a glass house and such.

Freshman Reality Check

Not even a week into dorm life, my roommate pulled me aside one morning and asked if I wanted to get kicked out, because if that’s what I was looking for, then I was doing a phenomenal job. It was hard to take him seriously at first. He was your typical exchange student – quiet, reserved and straight-edge. I didn’t even know if he was serious or totally kidding. The next thing I know, he’s reaching under his bed for what seemed like a tool box. Once he opened it up, it was clear. This is a stash box. This is HIS stash box.
He explained that the smell of my weed was raising eyebrows in the building, with our RA  hot on my trail. I told him that I didn’t know the smell was that bad. I’m not going to lie, I was in panic mode. He did his best to reassure me, saying I’ll be fine once I get my hands on a smell proof stash box. He sent me a link to this bad boy. Behold the best smell proof stash box around this side of the equator.
Since then, I’ve taken the stash box on roadies, back home, camping – everywhere. It can easily double as a tool box so it carries the added benefit of never setting off red flags. I’ve been pulled over for speeding with it on my passenger seat and the police didn’t even question its purpose. They couldn’t smell a thing.

The Stash Box

If you’re looking for a smell proof stash box that actually looks pretty bad ass, this is the one. It’s air-tight, waterproof and comes in a few different shapes and sizes. There’s a comfortable handle on the top of the hard case, which comes in handy when moving from one spot to the next. On top of all that, it’s actually a lockable case so if you really want to make sure no one gets inside, just  throw a lock down to keep it safe.”

Most cannabis enthusiasts have a special container in their life. It’s a container that holds many things very near and dear to their heart. Papers, grinders, filters and more, a stoner’s stash box can tell you a lot about the owner. Is it big? Small? Dirty? Clean? Organized? Or messy? What about the story behind it?

In a Stash Story, we try to reveal the personal touches to choosing a place to store your herb. Your stash box could be a gift, a discovery, or an epiphany. But we want to see it!


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