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Zombieland 2: Double Tap trailer brings the comedy and bloody gore!

James "Cubby" Nelan



Earlier this week, the trailer for the long-awaited sequel to 2009’s post-apocalyptic undead comedy Zombieland was released, and it looks to carry on the absurd hilarity of the original. 

As we catch up with Tallahassee, Wichita, Columbus, and Little Rock, they appear to be taking up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the (blood-stained) White House. The misfit family still seem to be closely knit unit, taking out swaths of undead with synchronized and reckless abandon, all while maintaining their classic witty rapport.

Between slow-motion zombie kills, we are introduced to an influx of new characters. Madison (Zooey Deutch), a vacant and innocent Mary Sue-type, Berkeley (Avan Jogia) a long-haired  hippy stoner, and Nevada (Rosario Dawson), a hard-nosed gal who will look to keep Tallahassee in check. Throw in some fun with doppelgängers of Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg (played by Luke WIlson and Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch) and you’ve got the recipe for a great sequel!

 The movie will be coming to theatres this October, just in time for your Halloween zombie fix. 

 To hear more from Cubby, check him out on this week’s episode of the Mass Nerder Podcast:


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James "Cubby" Nelan is a former member of the band that wrote that "song you think you might know" and currently talks too much about the complexities of Superheroes to anyone who will listen. Those discussions mostly take place on the Mass Nerder podcast, but anyone who gets him a little bit high will probably get an earful too. A polite advocate for cannabis, tasty beer, and peanut butter snacks, James resides in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada with his family, friends and two ungrateful cats. You can find James on Instagram at @cubbynelan or catch him on stage with his band, Born In The 80’s.

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