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20 of the Funniest Tweets of the Week with Rob Fee





rob fee

20 of the Funniest Tweets of the Week with Rob Fee

It’s a new week which means another opportunity for Twitter to provide us with a fresh batch of hilarity. Rob Fee digs through all the nonsense to bring you the funniest and most entertaining tweets right to your screen.

Be sure to follow all these hilarious individuals and check back here every week for more laughs!

Who is Rob Fee?

rob fee unfriended: dark web

Rob Fee matching some brick walls.

Rob is a writer and generally nice person originally from Harlan, Kentucky. In 2011 he independently released a comedy album called Grape Stomp that debuted #1 on iTunes comedy charts that he recorded in his friend’s call center after hours. From there he was brought on as a Segment Producer on The Ellen Show. He’s written for numerous networks and publications including MTV, Comedy Central, IFC, VICE, CBS, Funny or Die, Playboy, Maxim, IGN, Epic Meal Time, National Lampoon, Taco Bell, SourceFed, and dozens of others. He also published two books through Thought Catalog in 2015 and over 4,000 articles and essays online.

In addition to writing, he’s appeared on multiple series including Fox’s Red Eye, TNA Wrestling, Movie Fights, Nuclear Family, SourceFed, Fox’s Studio 11, and Machinima. He’s helped run social media for numerous award-winning shows and brands including Breaking Bad, Fargo, Wilfred, DiGiorno Pizza, White Castle, and Tidy Cat.

His work has been featured on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC News, Fox Sports, and countless others. Above all of these things, he’s also a full-time Pokemon hunter with his son Jackson.

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