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Whiskey And Weed

Lucas Giovannetti



Yoru favorite herb.

A Quick Herb Butter

  1. 226 grams (8oz.) of Butter.
  2. 28 grams (1oz.) or so of leaves, tender stems and shake. You can use buds, by why waste good smoke?
  3. 88 ml. (3oz.) of a good whiskey. Or your favorite drink.

Start to add whole leaves and tender stems. The leaves will wither to the bottom of the pan as they cook in the butter, leaving you plenty of room to add the additional leaves. Stir as you drop in the rest of your herb.

To prevent the leaves and milk fats from burning, turn down the heat to medium and stir as the butter simmers. Continue stirring for 20 minutes. 

The wild herb can be used. However, be careful where you pick it. Plants that grow alongside the road or in parking lots can absorb fuel and other automotive chemicals that can make you sick or give you a headache, and are therefore no better than ditch weed. And you should always use the best, never ditch weed.

Pour melted Butter and spent mint leaves through a strainer.  Since excess milk fat residue will remain in the spent leaves, pour bourbon over the leaves to wash the milk fats into the bowl. Then press down on the leaves with spatula or spoon to squeeze excess liquid into the bowl.

Your Herb butter is now ready or put into a dish for future use.

Note-It is important that you collect as much of the milk fats as possible. Milk fats are what help to provide the rich flavor


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A cutie pie who loves cannabis and all of the joy it brings to the world. He is also the sole creator of the HM original show - "Reefer Madness Returns."

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