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Wake And Bake

Lucas Giovannetti



Roll a crepe


  1. 60 ml. (2oz) of heavy whipping cream
  2. 1/4 liter (1Cup) of dried Pancake mix
  3. liquid (milk, beer, or water if that’s all you have.)
  4.  A little oil or butter to prevent sticking to pan
  5. 1/2 liter (2cups) of fresh berries
  6. 56 grams (2oz) Herb butter here

Whip the cream and set aside.

Add liquid to pancake batter until thin. Place small amount of butter or oil in hot pan. The amount of liquid will vary depending on the liquid used and humidity in the air. Batter should flow easily off of ladle.  Experiment to your and your guests taste.

Crispy Crepe

Thinned batter creates a crispy crepe.

Using ladle pour into the pan in a circular motion, to spread out the batter on the bottom so it as thin as possible. Let the crepe brown and then turn over. To save time, place the crepe on a plate as you pour your next one.



As the next crepe is cooking, place a few berries on the edge   of the cooked crepe.  Using both hands lift up the edges. Apply pressure with your forefingers to keep the berries from rolling out, continue rolling until finished.

Wake And Bake

Gently Roll so you do not break the crepe

Place the crepe on a plate with the open edge down so it will not unroll. Place a slice of herb butter on top.  Then spoon over some whipped cream and add a few berries for garnish. Your dish as you see is now done. Eat and enjoy.

Roll a crepe

Fruit Stuffed Crispy Crepe





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A cutie pie who loves cannabis and all of the joy it brings to the world. He is also the sole creator of the HM original show - "Reefer Madness Returns."

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