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Alix Lynx and Tyler Lemco partake in a little herbal elevation before watching some of the most uncomfortable and unsatisfying videos on the Internet.

The Internet is chalk full of a lot of wonderful things. There’s absolutely no shortage of content, so whether you like unlikely cute animal friendships, skateboarding tricks, funny sketches, or insane nature videos, there’s pretty much a limitless amount of things to watch for whatever tickles your fancy. For Alix Lynx and Tyler Lemco, we decided to curate some videos special for them. But first, they had to get high…

Once properly elevated and feeling nice, we showed the duo a bevy of different videos, each one more unsatisfying than the last. We’ve got cakes being cut wrong, labels being peeled, fireworks that never go off, and a slew of other clips to make your skin crawl and give you that NO feeling.

I mean, is there anything worse than your spoon falling all the way into your soup? Or going one cent over an even number while pumping gas? Ugh, it feels wrong just typing those words. Alix and Tyler handled it like champs, taking in each clip and keeping the moans and groans to a minimum.

It’s a timeless ritual; get high and watch web videos. It’s one of the most enjoyable things to do while feeling those cannabis effect. This activity has been around since the dawn of Internet videos, but it’s rare that the videos are selected exclusively to mess with the viewer. Normally friends will gather and watch fail compilations or cringe music videos, but it’s another thing to watch the most unsatisfying videos available on the web.

Take a look at the video and see how Alix and Tyler react to these painful videos. Let us know in the comments how you feel about these clips, and if you were able to stomach them.

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