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DIY: Nail Polish Bong – How to Decorate

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nail polish bong

Nail polish marbling is all the rage. Water marbled nails, cups, plates, cell phone cases. And now your bong.

You don’t need to leave your house, well other than for nail polish. Cause it’s craft time! Grab your friends, some of your favorite colors and of course, your favorite weed. Remind your friends it BYOB (Bring Your Own Bong). Time to make a Nail Polish Bong! This is brought to you my Chronic Crafter.

Nail Polish Bong

For this craft:

  • obviously a bong
  • nail polish (as many as you would like, including glitter)
  • bucket the bong fit in
  • HOT water
  • toothpicks, wire, bobby pin, fork (all up to you)
  • air dry clay or paper towel
  • sealant spray


Firstly, you need to clog the hole of your bong. You can use air dry clay for this. Some opt to use a paper towel instead. Make sure you block the smoke hole and the bowl hole.  his will be going directly into the water and you don’t want nail polish inside the bong!

Then, fill your bucket with hot water (this is too help with both the marble and drying effects). Slowly pour in your nail polish onto the water’s surface. Take your toothpick and stick it into the bowl and swirl the nail polishes.

HM TIP: You gotta do this fast or else the water will cool off and the nail polish will clump together- instant high killer!

Then dip your bong into the water/nail polish mixture, roll it around. In addition, make sure to cover each side and watch for smudging. Place on flat surface and remove the clay. And leave your bong to dry. This job is not permanent. It is could to find a sealant spray to keep it on. This will help protect it when cleaning due to alcohol.

HM TIP: This craft is good with windows open and fresh air for a well-ventilated area. Don’t forget to roll up your favorite strain in a joint for craft time.
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