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Marty McHigh – An Introduction

Marty McHigh



Marty McHigh - An Introduction Higher Mentality family

Hello Higher Mentality family, Marty McHigh here! In case you missed it, the Higher Mentality Store launched last week. I’ve got something special for you beautiful rascals out there. A SALE! Till the end of July, you get 15% OFF on your entire order! Now that’s an elevated experience.

As your ambassador, you’ll be getting more frequent updates from me. I’m that message that just won’t go away.


What to Expect From the Store

The days of being unprepared and ungeared are over. I’m here to tell you that this store is your saving grace for your consumption needs. From AB to C, all the way to f**king Z! Whatever you need we’ve got you covered.


Now, who doesn’t like vaporizers? They’re cool, produce a crap ton of vapor and you get your hit without messing up your lungs (we think). You’ll find top, well-known brands like the Arizer Solo 2, that’s something you can’t go wrong with. What… you prefer oils? NO PROBLEM! The store has stuff for you too, like the Mighty vaporizer. You smoke it they got it!


Only nut jobs would hit the pot without gearing up. GOD DAMN AMATEURS! You’ve been there, he’s been there, heck, even I’ve been there… grinding dope with my fat chubby fingers at 2 am. Thanks to the Santa Cruz Shredder, I don’t need to use my sausage fingers anymore. Guess what? You don’t either. Come buy your Essentials and set yourself up real nice, pun intended.


For all the crafty connoisseurs and chefs out there, this one’s for you. Smoking the greens is nice but turning it into an art brings it right outside heaven’s gate. Take the Magical Butter Machine, for instance, you could be making edibles for brunch then lube for the Olympics at night. No matter what it is, you can put the canna to everything.


You still here? Good, because it means you care. A wise man once said, “Look after your tools and they will look after you.” – Marty McHigh.

Storage and maintenance are the big old questions that never get answered properly. It’s the kid that got picked last for a school basketball game. Luckily for you, the store doesn’t discriminate. You’ll find everything you need here to keep your stuff new and fresh… like a better smelling baby’s bottom. If you’re spending all that money on your instruments, it only makes sense to give them the proper care.

“Top notch condition creates a top-notch experience.” – Smarty McHigh?

What’s Coming Up

More of me of course, Marty McHigh. I’ll be keeping you up to speed with what’s going on. Subscribe to Higher Mentality’s newsletter and you’ll be notified when I post. I’m also working with some lovely folks who are balls to the wall in demoing and reviewing the products in the store. I wanna ensure that you are making a wise investment for the best possible experience with good old Mother Jane.

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