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Tyler Lemco sits down with the King to find out the answer to a pressing question.

Initially, we wanted Tyler to write a report entitled “is Lebron James better than Michael Jordan?” We wanted stats, analysis, features…but he refused, saying that he was going to go farther.

A report was not enough to satisfy the depth of this question, he stated.

So he contacted the king himself and secured an interview with the chosen one.  Yes, you read that right, Tyler Lemco got an interview with LeBron James to ask him if he thinks he’s better than Jordan.

The video is above, but here is the transcript of the interview:

lebron james better than michael jordan

Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan?

Tyler: Hey I’m Tyler Lemco with Higher Mentality, I am here with my good friend LeBron James!

LeBron: Hey I’m Lebron. I can shoot the basketball and I can dunk!

Tyler: uhhh….ya I think everybody pretty much knows that already. What people may not know is that you and I actually go way back.

LeBron: I’m like his friend, that gives him life skill, coaching…

Tyler: I mean, I wouldn’t go that far. I still remember a time when you would come to me for advice.

LeBron: …That was one of the scary parts at the beginning.

Tyler: Ummmm…that’s pretty rude. And I was just about to invite you to my annual summertime chili cookout contest.

LeBron: Okay… I can do that easily, I can just show up…

Tyler: So there’s a lot of debates going on about the greatest basketball player of all time. And while there’s been a slew of great players, it really only comes down to two people.

LeBron: Well I just want to be a part of that crew…

Tyler: Some people say Michael Jordan and some people say you, have you talked to Mike about this at all?

LeBron: He (Michael Jordan) doesn’t even want to leave his house, he’s forgotten about his job, he’s forgotten about his friends and his family. He forgot about everything that mankind has offered him and he’s just like doping and laying around and saying “I don’t wanna talk to..”

Tyler: Oh no! I hope he’s alright…

LeBron: As his friend, I’m like no you gotta get out of this, go get what you want man.

Tyler: Poor guy. What would you say gives you the edge in this debate?

LeBron: I’ve done T.V. shows, I’ve done commercials and I’ve done so many things before.

Tyler: I’m pretty sure he did too..but sure…

LeBron: You know I was kinda nervous I had never done anything like this before. So it went on and on…

Tyler: Oh…Well I mean I guess I’ll try and keep it shorter for next time. This has been Tyler Lemco

Sooo…is LJ better than MJ?

Well according to him, yes. He acts, he does it all. But if we asked Mike, I guarantee we would get a different response. But in the end, Tyler got to the root of the problem. He asked the burning questions and got some amazing reactions from the King.

The only problem is, Mike did SpaceJam, and LeBron did Trainwreck. SpaceJam will forever be a classic amongst basketball fans, and you only watch Trainwreck to see LeBron as a civilian and hate Amy Shumer even more.

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