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How to Convert a Traditional Bong into a Dab Rig

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How to Convert a Traditional Bong into a Dab Rig

Both bongs and dab rigs use the water percolation mechanism to cool and filter smoke and vapor. Therefore, both bongs and dab rigs have more similarities than differences. The significant differences lie in the substances they are used to consume.

Bongs are designed specifically for smoking cannabis flowers, tobacco, and other dry herbs. While a dab rig is used for consuming cannabis concentrates such as cannabis wax, CBD, and resins in vapor form.

A dab rig is designed to keep the potency and flavor of your concentrate intact, but using a bong as a dab is perfectly okay for short-term use.

Having dedicated accessories for herbs and concentrates is the best practice, but we’ve got you covered if you’re looking to use your bong for dabbing.

Maybe you want to change from flower to concentrate…or perhaps a dab rig is too expensive to purchase, or you’re just starting out and not sure whether to stick to herbs or concentrates. 

Here’s how you can convert a bong to a dab rig with just a few simple steps and procedures.

Materials needed to convert a bong to a dab rig

  • An adapter
  • A concentrate nail
  • A dabbing tool
  • Concentrate bowl
  • Butane torch

The main challenge you will face in converting a bong to a dab rig is fixing a nail to female jointed bongs. You can solve this challenge by:

  • Buying a male-jointed nail to fit your bong’s female joint. The male-jointed nail should be the same size as your bong’s joint.
  • Buying a male-to-male adapter. One male joint of the adapter fits into the female end of your bong’s joint, while the other male joint fits the female joint of the nail head.
  • Buying a universal nail which fits into both male and female joints irrespective of the joint’s size.


To convert your bong to a dab rig, you will need an adapter. With adapters, you can:

  • Convert a bong to a dab rig
  • Convert a dab rig to a bong
  • Change your bong’s joint size

To convert your bong into a dab rig, you will need the right size of the ‘male-to-male’ adapter to convert your bong’s joint from a female joint to a male joint.

Male to male adapter

Male to male adapter

There are two sizes of male-to-male adapters: the 14.5mm and the 18.8mm. Your adapter should be the same size as your joint. Therefore, if your joint is 14.5mm, then you need a 14.5mm male-to-male adapter.

Concentrate nail

The next thing to get is a concentrate nail. There are three types of concentrate nails:

  • Titanium concentrate nail: Titanium concentrate nails are preferred by most people for its sturdy nature, ease of cleaning, and its ability to heat up quickly. Using a titanium nail requires that you season it adequately before you can use it; otherwise, you’re going to end up with a funny, metallic tasting concentrate.
  • Ceramic concentrate nail: ceramic nails are safer to use compared to titanium nails because they are of medical grade. Although it takes a more extended period to heat, it holds heat much longer than either a ceramic or a titanium nail. If you’re sharing multiple dabs with friends, there is no need to heat your ceramic nail regularly. 
  • Quartz concentrate nail: Quartz nails heat up really quick, but they break easily. However, quartz nails are preferred to other types of concentrate nails for the following reasons:
    • Quartz nail preserve the flavor of your concentrate
    • Quartz nails heat up more quickly
    • Quartz nails are affordable
    • Quartz nail’s domeless design makes it easy for dabbing.
Concentrate Nails

Different types of concentrate nails

The choice of nail depends mainly on your finances and your preference.

The size of your concentrate nail should be the same as your male-to-male adapter in terms of size. If you have a 14.5mm male-to-male adapter, equally, you need a 14.5mm concentrate nail.

A dab tool or a dabber

A dabber is a long tool with two pointed ends. You use a dabber to move a small amount of concentrate from the bowl to the heated nail.

Dab tools come in different variants; your choice of a dab tool is based entirely on your preference.

Concentrate bowl

You need the concentrate bowl to vaporize your concentrate. Concentrate bowls also double as carb caps. 

Concentrate bowl

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Butane torch 

You will need a butane torch to heat your concentrate slowly at a high temperature between 200oF to 700oF. You can also use an electric nail (e-nail) to vaporize your concentrate in place of the torch. 

Tips for using a bong as a dab rig

  • Your bong size should not exceed 15″. Big bongs are not ideal for dabbing because it will be hard to manage the smoke.
  • Ideally, use a beaker bong with a straight tube. Its simple structure and removable parts make it the best choice for converting a bong to a dab rig.
  • If you’re using a beaker bong with a 45 degree angle joint, you should use the same angled-quartz banger or bowl with it.
  • Add ice cubes to the water in the bong to cool the vape if it’s too hot
  • Use a lesser amount of water for dabbing
  • Pour your concentrate in the bowl before firing up the nail
  • Use bongs with smaller and simpler percolators as a dab rig. Using a bong with many percolators reduces the taste and vigor of the concentrate. Multiple percolators are designed for maximal filtration of harmful substances from the smoke. 


Ideally, it is best to have a dab rig for dabbing and a bong for flowers because you can damage your bong while trying to convert it to a dab rig. Also, using a bong for dabbing can alter the taste of your concentrate and also reduces its potency.

However, with the tips, fixes, and tricks described above, you can successfully enjoy dabbing from your bong without having to purchase a dab rig.

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