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How Does A Bubbler Pipe Work?

Higher Mentality Staff



How Does A Bubbler Pipe Work?

You’ve probably noticed more and more people smoking their favorite strains out of a bubbler pipe. After trying one for a dry herb session, you may find yourself looking to ditch the traditional dry pipe and opt for an upgrade.

They look like a cross between a bong and a regular dry pipe which inherited the best features from both worlds. It’s pocket-sized and fits easily in the palm of your hand, making it more portable than a bong and often more eye-catching than a regular pipe.

What Makes A Bubbler Pipe So Great?

While the exact origin of this all-embracing mix of a smoking device is difficult to pinpoint, modern smokers love using them…and with good reason.

First off, most bubbler pipes are made of glass, giving them a slick overall appearance. Glass also tends to withstand extreme heat and perform better over time over when compared to other traditional pipe building materials such as wood.

A bubbler pipe can also last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. That being said, as with anything made of glass, try not to drop it…chances are that it will shatter.

Also, compared to regular dry pipes, bubblers often produce a smooth, clean flavor. Why? Glass doesn’t tend to alter the intensity of the herb’s flavor in the same way that a wooden pipe can. Many wooden pipes, after being exposed to extreme heat, can add their own smokiness to the flavor profile of your favorite strain.

How a Bubbler Pipe Actually Works

Bubbler pipes consist primarily of a bowl and a smoke chamber and work similarly to regular pipes. The main difference is that before the smoke gets to the smoke chamber it has to pass through the water from the bowl.

The smoke cools through filtration and the hit is delivered with a smooth, clean flavor. Smoke passing through water also helps to filter toxins from entering your lungs.

bubbler pipe works similarly to a bong but prevents your lungs from taking in a massive bulk of smoke, providing the smoker with a nice, clean hit.

A Jar of cannabis bud

Want To Try A Bubbler Pipe? Here’s How to Use It

It’s simple.

First, fill the water chamber or the bowl with cold water. (The colder the water, the smoother and cleaner the hit).

Then grind your dry herb before packing it in the bowl. If your bubbler pipe has a carb, cover it using a carb cap or your finger, and place the mouthpiece in your mouth.

Lastly, light the bowl and consistently, but gently, draw in puffs of smoke while inhaling. To receive a bigger hit, remove your finger or carb cap from the carb.

Basic Types of Bubbler Pipes

Bubblers come in different forms and shapes, boasting interesting styles and semblance. Their unique qualities make them popular with modern smokers who often find themselves attracted to a particular style.

Sherlock: This particular type is named after the infamous detective, Sherlock Holmes, who is often depicted as having a pipe with him at all times. “Sherlock” bubbler pipes have a gentle curve to their stem, akin to the letter “S.”

Hammer: The hammer shares the exact shape and form of an ordinary hammer, allowing the pipe’s bowl to rest flat on a surface without rolling over.

Pendant:  Smaller in shape and size, the pendant is the poster child for convenience in the world of bubbler pipes. It is so-named because it has a conspicuous ring or hole which a smoker can use to wear the device as a necklace – much like a small pendant.

Sidecar: These bubblers offer the perfect solution to the issue of “splash-back.” The mouthpiece is attached to the side of the water chamber – preventing water from splashing back to the smoker.

Double Bubblers: Ordinary bubblers have a single chamber which filters smoke once before a smoker draws and inhales. The double bubbler boasts two of these chambers. With it, you can experience double-clean, smooth hits as it filters the smoke twice.

Concentrate: If you relish smoking essential oils and concentrates instead of dry herb, this bubbler pipe has exactly what you need.


What Determines The Cost of A Bubbler Pipe?

Essentially, the style and model of a pipe is what will determine its overall cost. More often than not, it all comes down to five key details, including:

  • brand
  • method of production
  • level of detail
  • color, and
  • type of material used


When it comes to brand, you’ll find both popular and lesser-known/generic names in the market. As is true with any product or service, a more well known and established brand can end up costing more than the lesser-known pipes.

The method of production can also alter the overall price of the bubbler pipe.  Glass material is widely available, but it requires a certain level of skill and artistic ability to perfectly blow glass into the perfect bubbler pipe that the market can go wild for. Hand-blown glass is more expensive than any other form of material used for bubbler production.

The price of a bubbler pipe soars higher if there is more detailed work associated with it. It takes a lot of artistic creativity and quality to create something more detailed and beautiful.

More detail can also involve more color as well, and that can make it more expensive than an ordinary, mass-produced bubbler pipe.

Finally, the type of material used can determine how expensive the pipe will go for in the market. For example, a pipe made out of borosilicate glass is more expensive than one made out of standard glass, which is readily available and inexpensive.


The fact is that bubbler pipes come at a price for a variety of reasons. However, every modern smoker knows that this doesn’t necessarily affect the quality and flavor of the hit. This variety is yet another reason why bubblers are quickly becoming more popular than regular, traditional pipes.

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