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Gravity Bong! What is it and How Do You Make One?

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Ever get so used to smoking cannabis that you no longer thought you could experience the highs you used to feel? Enter the gravity bong. A G-Bong is physics at its finest. Making a bucket gravity bong is super-easy and will get you far more lit than the water pipes you’re used to. All you need is a large plastic bottle, a pair of scissors to cut the bottom of the bottle, aluminum foil, a toothpick, and a bucket of water. Here is how to make a gravity bong, how it works, and why it will get you nice and toasted.


What Do You Need to Make a Gravity Bong?

Making a gravity bong is just as easy as smoking cannabis out of water pipes…but it will get you a lot higher. Even better, making a gravity bong requires just a few items you probably have lying around your house.

To make a gravity bong, you will need:

  • Large Plastic BottleAluminum Foil
  • Toothpick
  • Pair of Scissors
  • CannabisBucket with Water

While you can use any of the plastic bottles you’d find in the grocery store, 2-liter plastic bottles are ideal for a gravity bong. For singular smoke sessions, you’ll want to use a smaller bottle like the 20-ounce container. Those are best suited for a waterfall bong, which we’ll get to in a bit.

Once you gather your tools, you’re ready to make a gravity bong. Here is a step-by-step guide to making a gravity bong at home.


How Do You Make  Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is perfect for house parties. It’s an interactive smoke session that will save everyone a lot of money on weed. However, it’ll also get them really high. It’s a win-win for everybody. So, here is how you make a gravity bong.

  1. Remove the bottle cap from the plastic bottle and mold the aluminum foil over the mouthpiece. The aluminum foil will act as your bowl. Make a few tiny holes into the aluminum foil with the toothpick. Don’t go overboard, or you might lose some bud inside the bucket of water.
  2. Take the scissors and pierce the large plastic bottle about an inch from the bottom of the bottle. Cut the bottom off and put it in the recycling bin (or use as a plant saucer).
  3. Next, fill a bucket with water. This bucket must be considerably larger than the bottle. For parties, opt for a 5-gallon bucket. Push the bottle into the bucket of water (or larger bottle). The hole in the bottom should be submerged, while the mouthpiece is above the water.
  4. Put the cannabis on the covered mouthpiece and light the bowl you crafted out of the aluminum foil. As you light the bowl, the smaller bottle will fill with smoke.
  5. Slowly pull the bottle out of the water. Keep lighting the cannabis as you continue to slowly pull. The bottle will fill with smoke, but pulling it out of the bucket of water will cause you to lose the smoke. So, as your plastic bottle hovers just under the water’s surface, stop lighting the cannabis, and remove the aluminum foil. If smoke escapes, don’t push the bottle back down into the water. The smoking device will get filled with water, rendering it useless.
  6. Just put your mouth over it quickly and keep inhaling. Once you have a good suction going, slowly push the plastic bottle back into the bucket of water. This will cause your mouth to fill with smoke. After you’ve had enough, take your mouth off and exhale the smoke.


How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

Some people say believe that smoking cannabis can make you lazy. Yet, the cannabis community is an innovative bunch. The gravity bong is entirely based on physics, but for some reason hasn’t made its way into college textbooks yet.

How gravity bong works in 3 steps

When you light the bowl on top of your gravity bong, the smoke goes down into the bucket of water it’s submerged inside. As you lift the bottle upon lighting, it creates negative pressure inside of the bottle. As you slowly pull the bottle out of the water, it defies gravity.

The bottle will then fill with smoke when you put your mouth over the top. When you push the bottle back into the bucket of water, the smoke gets pushed back up through the mouthpiece. Since you put your mouth over the top, your lungs will fill with smoke.

This smoking device works much like a French Press coffee maker. You are getting filtered, fresh, and delicious flavor. It’s just that instead of drinking coffee, you’re smoking cannabis.


What is the Difference Between a Gravity Bong and Waterfall Bong?

We’ve covered the gravity bong quite extensively, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it’s little cousin, the waterfall bong. The waterfall bong is like a gravity bong but in reverse.

You will essentially need the same tools, but a smaller water bottle. Follow the same steps for prepping the aluminum foil. However, don’t cut the bottom of this bottle. Instead, stab a little carb hole at the bottom like you’re smoking a water pipe.

Put your finger over the hole and then fill the bottle with water. Stay over the sink because this is about to get messy.

Light the bowl on the top and let the bottle get filled with smoke. Then release the hole in the bottom. Inhale until all the smoke is gone.

A waterfall bong is perfect for a lonely smoke session. However, if you’re having a party, the gravity bong is a much better choice. It’s a fun experience for all, easy to make, and uses very little weed to get you high.


Can You Buy a Gravity Bong?

While it’s simple to make, the ever-growing cannabis market has already seen a number of companies jump at selling gravity bongs on their online smoke shop. Not to be confused with the Kandypens Gravity Vaporizer, there are several gravity bongs out there that will give you velvety, filtered clouds of smoke for you and your friends to enjoy.

Some of the most popular gravity bongs on the market include:

If you have the money to spare, buying a gravity bong can be a fun investment. However, it’s relatively cheap to make a gravity bong at home. Plus, you can reuse the plastic bottles in the future. Therefore, unless you smoke a gravity bong every day, it’s not worth the investment. You might as well make one for special occasions. It’s virtually free!

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