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The ice bong offers silky smooth, freezing cold tokes.

When our man Ellevan is given a challenge, he elevates himself to meet the occasion.

So naturally, when the HM team showed up with an ice bong and a bag full of weed gadgets courtesy of Stash Lab Technologies, Ellevan didn’t want a run-down on their features. Our man didn’t even want to see the products before the camera was on.

Being the true improvisational genius he is, Ellevan wanted to figure out what these items do, and provide a useful amount of feedback for the audience all at the same time. The result? Priceless reactions, fat tokes, and a rocking good time.

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Ellevan Plays with Weed Gadgets

What was in the bag? Elevated technologies for an elevated state of mind. Stash Lab Tech knew the perfect weed gadgets for a team whose motto is “stay elevated.”

The bag included:

  • The EYCE Cheech and Chong Silicone Ice Bong Mold
  • The EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe for concentrates and Dry Herb
  • The Sesh Supply Glass Blunt One-Hitter
  • Marley Natural Steam Roller Pipe

The EYCE “Cheech and Chong” Ice Bong Mold

Ice bong ellevan weed gadgets

“Throw it in the freezer overnight, then you can just go crack, pop, boom, and you can hit this ice bong with your friends.”

Literally, the coolest of weed gadgets, The EYCE 2.0 kit is bong mold that creates a chamber made entirely from ice. The colder the smoke, the smoother the hit. With the Eyce 2.0 Ice Bong Mold, rid yourself of fragile glass pieces that break and are hard to clean. The Ice Bong delivers an unparalleled smoking experience as cool as 25°F (-4°C).

Easy to fill, remold, and reuse.

On top of that, this EYCE silicone mold is a special edition, Cheech, and Chong mold. It get’s special colors and the autographs of the stoner legends themselves.

Specs, Price, and Performance

ice bong ellevan weed gadgets

The EYCE Cheech and Chong Silicone Ice Bong Mold is one of the coolest ice-bong kits we’ve used.

Price: $89.99 | Purchase Here

Specs: The ice bong mold has a dimension of 13.25in x 3.25in x 9.25in. The Eyce 2.0 kit creates an all ice chamber compatible with any standard 9mm slide and is even convertible to a rig for concentrates after installation a 9mm nail.

Performance: The novelty of the item is in full effect during use. It’s simply a cool looking, well-engineered system that draws the eye of anyone in the vicinity. Once you get the hang of the process, it’s actually simple to create consistent and stable ice bongs.

The ice bong itself hits great when you first pull in out of the freezer. And sure enough, the smoke it produces is milky, silky, and cold as ice. The bong lasts a lot longer than you’d expect at room temperature, but bring it out anywhere in the heat, and you’d be lucky to get 1-2 hits out of this thing before you’ve got bong-watered ice chunks all over your legs.

Still, overall, this item holds up as an interesting and fun-to-make weed gadget that is best applied in winter smoking sessions.

Sesh Supply Glass Blunt One-hitter

“it’s a glass, double glass, this looks dope as F@$#, it looks like a little trombone…”

Made for those who live life on-the-go, the sesh slider glass blunt is travel sized and compact. This little gem lets cannabis enthusiasts pack more herb per use and is great for passing around a sesh. Sometimes, you enjoy blunts, but you don’t enjoy the process of rolling and you struggle to get an even burn.

Save yourself the ingestion of burning paper, and utilize a reusable glass blunt to smoke and push your ash out as you burn.

Specs, Price, and Performance

ice bong ellevan weed gadgets

The Sesh Supply Glass Blunt One Hitter is a quick, portable way to enjoy your dry flower.

Price:  $11.99 | Purchase Here

Specs: This compact unit is 4 inches in length when fully extended and just over 2.5 when closed. On average, a user can load about 1-1.5 grams of herb into the chamber.


This little pipe hits harder than it looks, and it definitely packs a punch. It’s constructed with an outer and inner tube, both made out of glass, held in place by a rubber o-ring and casing.

It’s simple to load, and even simpler to hit. The smoke produced is flavourful and without additional flavors of rolling papers and blunts. When it comes to weed gadgets, they can get cumbersome. The greatest strength of this simple little product is its size and compactness. It also protects the herb from wind and works well in harsh weather conditions.

However, it is quite fragile. For something made for on-the-go-use,  you’d think it would be constructed with a little more strength and durability. Also, if you are not carefully ashing the bowl, you can lose herb that is not fully burned. Nobody likes to waste the green, so that’s a definite con.

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Steam Roller Pipe

ice bong ellevan weed gadgets

“This gold ribbon and W and/or M hits you with a Louis Vuitton kind of vibe…”

The Smoked Glass Steamroller makes every session a beautiful show. Its unique “thumb-press” bowl makes it easy to pack your desired amount. The glass makes it more fragile than other classic spoon pipes, but it makes up with it in taste and style. Not as cool as the ice bong, but way more classy.

Specs, Price, and Performance

ellevan ice bong weed gadgets

The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Steam Roller Pipe is a classy addition to your smoking collection.

Price: $67.95 | Purchase Here

Specs: The Smoked Glass Steamroller is 1″ H x 6.25″ L x 0.75″ D, features smoked glass and a custom thumb-print bowl.

Performance: The Rolex of weed gadgets, Elegance and style are the draws of the Marley Natural Steamroller Pipe. The mold and connections are smooth and solid, and you shouldn’t expect any leakage or wear over time. The resting feet provide a nice base to pack your herb while also allowing the pipe to be displayed as an art piece.

Steamroller pipes are designed to allow smoke to build up fast and stack within the chamber to produce large and milky clouds. This Marley Natural Steam Roller Pipe certainly fits the bill. The smoke was clean, pure, and thick. There were no additional flavors added by the pipe, which allowed the flavor of the herb to be enhanced and not tainted.

Using this pipe with two or more people is great. The bowl stays lit long enough to pass it around and the standing feet mean you don’t need to keep it rolling. Simply set it down and pick it up when you need it. The only thing we didn’t like was that the “M” looked like a “W” when you smoked it. With the placement of the letter, it’s pretty much unavoidable.

Maybe, since this is the Marley brand, it holds a dual meaning, M for Marley…W for Wailers.

The EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe for Dry Flower or Concentrate

ellevan ice bong weed gadgets

“Is this a F&$#ing shatter hitting pipe?”

Do you break a lot of your weed gadgets? Good luck breaking this EYCE spoon pipe, the latest innovation from EYCE!

This silicone spoon pipe is no ordinary toke and packs in a ton of features. It has a hidden stash jar at the bottom of the bowl, a built-in poker tool, and a high quality inlaid glass bowl. On top of that, the indestructible design is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.


ice bong weed gadgets ellevan

The EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe is great is a pipe that you can use for dry flower or concentrate.

Price: 19.99 | Purchase Here 

Specs: The EYCE silicone spoon pipe is 4″ long and 1.75″ wide, and has a bowl diameter of 0.85.” It is made out of platinum cured silicone with a borosilicate glass bowl.


For using dry flower, the EYCE silicone spoon pipe performs like any other pipe. The difference is, you could well throw this off a bridge and still smoke it after. From the same company that makes the ice bong mold, the silicone body is flexible, strong, and downright cool looking. The bowl comes apart for easy cleaning, and the pipe is small enough to take on-the-go.

Where this pipe really shines, is in its versatility. The glass bowl piece and be removed and flipped upside down creating a ridged surface on top. With a blow torch, users can heat the glass bowl to the desired heat and actually smoke concentrates from this thing. Yes, you read that right, you can hit dabs with this little silicone pipe.

Because the body is made out of medical grade silicone, it doesn’t retain heat like a typical glass body. On top of that, the borosilicate glass bowl heats up extremely quick. That mean’s there’s no chance of your blow torch melting over overheating the silicone.  We did notice that the carb hole is quite close and tough to cover at times, but nothing that made it incapable of smoking.

With a life-warranty, this little pipe certainly embodies the slogan: durability that rips!

Conclusion – Should you buy any of these weed gadgets?

Well, it depends on the type of cannabis enthusiast you are.

If you are all about science and innovation, the EYCE Silicone Bong Mold is for you.

If you are about class and elegance, choose the Marley Natural Steam Roller Pipe.

If you are about versatility and toughness, the EYCE silicone spoon pipe is the pick.

And if you value compactness and speed, the sesh supply glass blunt one-hitter is the way to go.

Want to purchase any of these weed gadgets?

Use Discount Code: SLT-highermentality-420 at for a 15% dicount on checkout. (limited to 1 order per person)

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