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Your hair does a lot for you, do something for your hair and use a sulfate free solution.

Earthly Body believes in using only the purest, most natural ingredients. This is why all of our products are sulfate free… That’s right! Our we have sulfate free shampoo! Sulfates are the chemicals found in most soaps, shampoos and other hygiene products that cause them to produce an excessive amount of suds and bubbles. Not only do these chemicals actually do nothing to clean your hair, they dry out your scalp, and damage it over time. This can contribute to dry flakey hair, or your scalp becoming way too oily to overcompensate for the natural oils you’ve stripped from your scalp. This is why Earthy Body believes in the healing power of hemp seed oil for hair and sulfate free shampoo.

Earthly Body believes in creating a more wholesome solution that doesn’t strip away your scalp’s natural oils. This is why Earth Body Sulfate Free Shampoo uses the cleaning power of hemp seed oil for hair. It’s a proven, healthy approach to hair care that focuses instead on enhancing your natural hair, rather than harming it and creating more problems. Whether you have frizzy hair, straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, or any hair type under the sun, Earthy body sulfate free shampoo will give you the cleanest, freshest, most natural version of your hair.

Earthly Body Tea Tree Oil Conditioner

earthy body hemp seed oil sulfate free shampoo

Looking for a more natural wholesome way to leave your hair silky smooth an smelling like magic? Look no further than Earthly Body Conditioner, the perfect sidekick to the Earthly Body Sulfate Free Shampoo. Once again you’ll find no damaging sulfates here, only the finest, most nurturing ingredient for your more natural approach to ‘hairapy.’ This sulfate free shampoo and conditioner approach begins with the enriching power of hemp seed oil.

Earthly Body conditioner starts with two oils with unparalleled, hair healing power, tea tree oil, and hemp seed oil for hair. The Earthly Body Conditioner is then botanically enriched so your hair comes out silkier and softer than ever. Get smoother hair the more natural way.

Earthly Body Miracle Oil With Hemp Seed Oil For Hair

earthy body hemp seed oil sulfate free shampoo

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner are staples in anyone’s hair care routine. But how about the newest necessity for your “hairapy” toolbox, Earthly Body Miracle Oil! This oil will be a miracle for your hair, nourishing it with the nutrients it needs. The oil can be used for shaving, cuticles, skin therapy, waxing, and most importantly hair! The oil is essential if you want to make your hair and skin silky smooth and radiant. The oil has a calming, therapeutic effect when applied and will make you feel like you’ve brought the spa home in a little bottle.

The Earthly Body Miracle Oil formula begins with the most essential of nutrients and contains 8 different natural oils. These include avocado oil, hemp seed oil for hair, and vitamin E. All of which have been proven to be essential for smoother softer, more gorgeous hair and skin.

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