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RAW Clipper Lighter is the leader in the industry for refillable lighters. It is an incredibly unique and useful product with features such as reliability, recyclable, and with an integrated poker.


Raw Clipper Lighter (with integrated poker) review

Choosing a lighter can be quite a daunting task especially if you are unaware of what exactly to look for. Lighters have been used since the 19th century. Clipper lighters are among the most preferred and best-known lighters because of their quality and reliability. In this article, therefore, we will focus on what makes Clipper the best lighter it is.

Raw Clipper Lighter Features

  • Flint– Clipper lighter (with integrated poker) has a replaceable flint that assists in the packing of tobacco.
  • Material-Made of strong nylon to increase its durability.
  • Integrated pokerThe poker increases the efficiency of the lighter ’s lighting system.
  • Design-This lighter comes in different shapes and sizes. Sizes range from small lighters to large lighters. They also have different shapes and you can choose your desired shape based on your preferences.
  • Colours– Clipper lighter comes in different colours i.e. red, orange, and green. This allows you to pick any colour depending on your preference.

Advantages  Raw Clipper Lighter over other lighters

Why choose a clipper lighter over another lighter?

  1. They are refillable with butane

This means that you can use them for a long period of time without disposing of them. This is unlike other lighters such as Bic lighters which have to be replaced from time to time.

  1. This clipper lighter comes with a replaceable flint


This feature makes it easy to replace as compared to Bic lighters.

  1. They are made of nylon,

Unlike Bic lighters which are made of plastic, this lighter is made of nylon. Remember that plastic is combustible and may burn at low temperatures. This will, in turn, destroy the lighter and may even cause a fire in some cases. Nylon only burns at very high temperatures which cannot be achieved by a lighter.

  1. This product comes in different colours and designs

Therefore, you can choose your preferred model and design depending on your preferences.

  1. It is more durable when compared to the plastic lighters.

This is because it is made of strong nylon which ensures that the product lasts long enough for you to enjoy its services. You do not have to worry about breakage when dropped or stepped on.

  1. It is refillable

You can refill your clipper lighter every time it is drained. When refilling you save up to a liter of oil as compared to buying a new lighter.

  1. It is recyclable

The clipper filter can be recycled industrially making it one of the few environment-friendly lighters.


  1. They are expensive

When compared to the ordinary lighters, Clipper lighters tend to be more expensive. This is however compensated by the fact that it is long lasting than the ordinary lighters and hence you don’t have to replace it from time to time.

  1. It has limited availability

This product is currently available to limited retailers only.


With clipper lighters, durability is the key. To achieve this, it is important that you take great care of your lighter. We give you some tips on how you can do this:

  • Always replace the refillable fuel tank as regularly as possible.
  • Avoid dropping your lighter on hard surfaces.

Where should you purchase a clipper lighter?

Clipper lighters can be purchased from several online retailers. Below are some of the retailers:

  1. AmazonAmazon boasts of different types of clipper lighters which comes in different designs. We have provided the link to the website. You can order the lighter from their site directly and the product will be delivered to you.


  1. AlibabaAlibaba also sells this product. It is an online retailer and also does delivery of goods to its customers. The link for this website has also been provided.


  1. Local retailers– Several local retailers also sell this product. You can liaise with the company to inquire of the local retailers around you dealing with this product.

RAW Clipper lighter Vs Bic Lighter

Bic lighter is made of plastic materials and is a common commodity in the market. The lighters use butane gas for combustion. They are great lighters and depending on their quality, some of them even light up to 3000 times before they get exhausted.

It is not possible to adjust the flame in Bic lighter but it provides enough heat for lighting. They are also refillable to some extent.

RAW Clipper lighter Vs Zippo lighter

Zippo lighters are cheaply available in the market than clipper lighters. Despite their affordability, they are of low quality and less durable.  Zippo lighters are non-refillable hence should be disposed of after they get exhausted. They are also made from plastic which is less durable than nylon-made clipper lighters.

Also, the plastic is not bio-degradable and therefore pose a serious threat to the environment.

In the long run, Clipper lighters may be expensive but are of great quality making them worth their price. They are also safer compared to the cheap lighters.

Safety and precaution

  • Always keep the lighter out of reach of children.
  • Avoid lighting cigarettes in areas with explosive materials i.e. petrol stations.
  • Ensure that the flame is facing away from you when using a lighter to avoid burn accidents.
  • In case of accidental burns on your body, ensure that you get first aid and then seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that you check your lighter for leaks, cracks or any other defects.
  • In case you spill the lighter fluidon the surface of the lighter, clean it before proceeding to light the lighter.
  • If you are suffering reflexes, it is advisable that you use the lighter in presence of another person.
  • Avoid disposing of the lighters in the wastebaskets. This is because children may access the lighter and play with it. In a bad case scenario, they might even throw it into the fire which may lead to explosions.


You should purchase high-quality lighters in the market since they offer better services and are more durable than the cheaper low-quality ones. Clipper lighter comes with many unique features making it one of the most outstanding lighter in the market.








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