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DIY Personalized Lighter – Make it Original

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You have seen your best friends with cool and original lighters. They always seem to have something about them that makes them stand out. So why not make your own personalized lighter?

It is a really easy craft to make. You don’t need too much and most of it you can probably find in a drawer or craft box. You can make a personalized lighter that suits your soul and heart. Grab some glitter, your favorite weed magazine, and some paint. Don’t forget your bong or joint and a good sativa!

Personalized Lighter

personalized lighter

DIY personalized lighter designs. via Leafly 

What You Need:
–1 standard-size Bic lighter (1” high x 3” wide)
–A writing utensil
–Small paintbrush
–Scissors or Ruler
–Glue stick and glue gun
–Glitter, jewels, etc
–A few sheets of newspaper
–Magazines and/or colored paper and/or whatever images you want on your lighter
–A bottle of clear/translucent semi-gloss*

Instructions: Assemble all these pieces, cut out your background and glue it down. Let it dry. Then grab whatever you decided for your personal accessories. Place on and design. If you have heavier material, it is better to use a hot glue gun. Once you are complete, use the semi-gloss on top to keep everything in place. Now you have a personalized lighter!

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