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Spring into Cannabis: Picnics with Mary Jane

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Spring into Cannabis: Picnics with Mary Jane

What’s not to love about sitting out in nature, enjoying some company and a plate full of delicious food? Now add your favorite edibles and a joint – and it makes for the perfect day!

It has finally felt like spring is kicking into action. The birds are chirping, people are outside walking their dogs, the sun is shining and the air smells fresh and new. The snow is finally starting to melt away the winter blues and you start to feel a little bit more active.

And if it’s not a rainy spring day why not go outside with some friends or your partner and have a picnic. There are tons are quaint parks, and places out of the area of children that you can go. Or, take it to your backyard, set up a comfy blanket and enough some time in nature with nature: cannabis. Picnics are a perfect way to kick in the spring season.

What To Bring:

picnic things to bring

Grab your favorite picnic basket and favorite food for your day out. via HERB

  • Picnic Blanket
  • Picnic Basket
  • Plates, Cups, and Utensils (hopefully comes with your picnic basket)
  • Napkins
  • Chairs or cushions
  • Games
  • Music and Portable Speaker
  • Garbage bags
  • Toilet paper – just in case
  • Hand Sanitizer


  • Lanterns for lighting – for an evening picnic
  • Bug Repellant – don’t get bit by the mosquitos
  • Sun Screen – depending on the weather
  • Beach Umbrella – depending on location
  • Towels for a swim – if you decide to head to the beach
  • Portable BBQ –  feeling hot food instead of a sandwich. You can get portable BBQ with gas o charcoal.

Where to Have Your Picnics:

places for picnics

If you’re looking for a serene place to take a date on a picnic or just a good place to enjoy nature – there are several great places to do so. via AFK Travel

If you aren’t going to smoke at all, any park will do. Now that there are edibles, people don’t have to be bothered while you are getting medication, Just make sure to keep it out of reach of children and maybe don’t set up shop right beside the jungle gyms:) But here are some ideas for spots that you can go for your picnics. And if you want to smoke perhaps before or after you pick out your spot to eat.

  1. The Park
  2. The Beach
  3. Your Backyard
  4. Camping Site
  5. By a Bay or in the Forest
  6. Mountain Side
  7. Countryside

The Food:

Now, there seems to be a standard when it comes to picnics for the type of things you bring. If you don’t need a cooler, that is the goal. What is a picnic without a glorious selection of sandwiches, cheeses, dips, salads, and sweets? You have to make sure to cover it all. Any of your food items can be infused or made into an edible. if the whole meal is edible, you may end up getting a little too high for the park. But pick a couple recipes or a special dessert for the picnic.


  1. Veggie or Meat Skewers
  2. Sandwiches – Indica Italian Sub, Meatball Mary Jane Sub, Cannabis Chicken Club
  3. Salads – pasta, Caesar, garden, coleslaw or bean and add your favorite cannabis-infused salad dressing
  4. Crackers
  5. Cheese – make sure you bring ice packs
  6. Platters – veggie, meat, fruit
  7. Chips, Pretzels or Cannabis Infused Bits ‘n’ Bites
  8. Burgers or Hot Dogs (optional)
  9. Desserts – bar, cookies, brownies, cookies
  10. Condiments – dips, dressing, salt, and pepper


Cannabis Infused Wine via Pilcrow

As for drinks, I recommend bringing bottles of your favorite soda, lemonade or water. Single bottles cut out having rot bring cups. And don’t feel like you can only have cold drinks. Grab your favorite thermos and pack in a cannabis-infused tea! Make sure you pack enough drinks for the day. It is important to stay hydrating while smoking and being in the sun.

  1. Water – you can drink regular water, THC infused or even CBD water. Add cucumber or lemon for flavor.
  2. Tea or Coffee
  3. Pop
  4. Juice Boxes
  5. Chocolate Milk (you will have to bring a cooler)
  6. Wine or. Beer
  7. Champagne

Higher Conclusion


Picnics are truly a ton of fun. Just make sure you know how you’re going, whos going and plan it all out. Take a hike or a bike to get there or even drive out of the city if you want some peace and quiet. And if you have a dog, make sure you know if the area is pet-friendly! Pre-packing your food into Tupperware or paper bags will help for a better experience. Make sure you bring everything to clean and pack up after. Make a full day out of it and head to the beach or on a hike. Watch the sunset, smoke the last joint, then head home.

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