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Cannabis and Sex Could Improve Your Love Life | Mindful Mary

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Cannabis and sex

Cannabis and sex could be the answer to stale intimacy.

Have you tried combining cannabis and sex? Alcohol has long been the social lubricant leading to increased birth rates. But legalization brings less stigma for emerging cannabis products and new opportunities for intimacy.

Cannabis is actually known to have properties of an aphrodisiac. In fact, there is even evidence to back this idea up. Sometimes sex can be uncomfortable to talk about, let alone experience. Cannabis can ease anxiety, heighten excitement and it can be enjoyed together.

So we reached out to Mindful Mary to ask her some silly yet thoughtful questions about cannabis and sex!

Cannabis and Sex Life

Will cannabis actually improve my sex life?

Mindful Mary: This is actually the truth. Cannabis and sex, when paired together, can be very euphoric and stimulating. It can actually help to improve your sex life for yourself and with your partner. An in-depth study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior on how alcohol and weed impact sex found some couples want:

“more sex after the first sexual episode on marijuana.”

In addition, another large 2017 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine was done by a team led by Dr. Andrew J. Sun and Dr. Michale L Eisenberg. This study strongly suggests that regular cannabis use may increase sexual drive. Nevertheless, people who used cannabis had 20 percent more sex than those who did not—and this applied to both genders.

“Marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function. A positive association between marijuana use and sexual frequency is seen in men and women across all demographic groups.”

What are “weed googles”? Is that something like “drunk glasses”?

Mindful Mary: Similar to “drunk glasses” there is some sort of effect that occurs in the body. On the other hand, while alcohol makes people less choosey, weed has the opposite effect. Account to a study one by the Archives of Sexual Behavior, cannabis make one more picky and specific about the people they want to be around.

“Weed goggles,” in other words, can have the converse effect of “beer goggles,” for most of us.

I am feeling nervous about all of it, and I am not a very sexy person. How can cannabis and sex help?

Mindful Mary: Cannabis can lower inhibitions, fosters intimacy and increase sensuality. While this may not take away all the nerves and stress, it can definitely help in the right situation. Unlike alcohol, you are still aware of your surroundings but perhaps more relaxed.

In fact, reducing anxiety can have positive effects on your sexual life and experiences.

In addition, sex and weed can enhance physical sensations. Many users have reported that their sense of touch is heightened along with other senses. This helps men’s brains to shift from a single focus and helps women experience a more sensual intimacy. Furthermore, in one survey of 800 men, 83 percent reported cannabis enhanced their sexual pleasure.

Can cannabis and sex help with orgasms?

Mindful Mary: Yes, yes and yes! The facts are your perception of time is slowed by smoking and for most this means that the experience can not only last longer but leads to a better climax. A few women report that weed can make it more difficult to orgasm, because of a certain lack of focus, according to the Archives study. However, more say that it helps with orgasms. Why? Because it lowers due to lowered inhibitions, increases relaxation, and heightens sensuality.

How much cannabis is appropriate to smoke and what weed should I smoke?

Mindful Mary: It really comes down to knowing yourself and knowing what effects you. Dosage is very important and should be taken into consideration. Oversmoking can lead to dehydration, and no one wants the “pasties” during sex. In fact, lubrication can be a bit of an issue when it comes to smoking. So smoke enough to make you relaxed and relieve anxiety. Also, if this is just an issue, you could always grab some cannabis-infused lube to help you out!

Nevertheless, dosing should be up to you. Maybe share a joint between the two of you, or smoke a couple bowls. Make sure its something uplifting and for the daytime. Don’t want to knock out to early!


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