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What to Look For in a Portable Stoner Kit

Higher Mentality Staff



A portable stoner kit for every pothead should contain the necessary tools you need to get yourself stoned while on the move.

If you’re a stoner who is always on the go, you must have a portable stoner kit containing all of the 420 tools you need. These items should be durable, discreet, and convenient for you to move around with wherever you go.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into pipes, dabs, joints, or vapes, you’re going to find the portable versions of your necessary accessories to carry with you.

As a stoner, your travel stoner kit should contain the following necessary 420 accessories.

  • Portable grinder/Grinder card

 A portable grinder should have all the functionality you can derive from a regular grinder, like catching your kief. It just needs to be portable enough to fit into a small-sized kit for when you’re on-the-go. A portable grinder should be a 4-piece grinder with a diameter of not more than 2″.  

A grinding card, too, works just fine but does not give you the advantage of catching kief for a sesh. Grind420, Pokeball Herb Grinder, and TeachPeace are some examples of portable grinders you can carry around easily.

  • Rolling machine

 A rolling machine is portable enough to fit into any mobile stoner kit. A rolling machine rolls your joint perfectly well and lesser stress. RAW, Blunt roller and 420 rolling machines are examples of rollers that can fit in perfectly well in your portable stoner kit. 

  • Small, airtight canisters/portable stash jars

A small stash jar should hold up to 4 grams of flower and be sealed to prevent cross-contamination. You can try out suggestions like Plastic canisters, Hinged Lid Plastic J-Tubes, brown glass jars with lids, etc. 

  • Rolling papers

 Rolling papers are an essential commodity to carry around with you. You wouldn’t want to be stranded in a place where you can’t find rolling papers to roll a joint. RAW rolling papers, Bob Marley, OCB are some of the rolling papers you can carry around with you in your kit.

  • Filter

 Filters are suitable for cleaner smoking and are easy to carry around.  

  • Pipe

 Pipes are a valuable 420 accessory to have in your stoner kit since they are generally small and portable.

  • A smell-proof portable bag or case

A compact case makes it easy to carry your 420 accessories around with you wherever you go. Portable cases ensure that your accessories are always together organized for easy reach. 

  • Lighter

 You wouldn’t want to end up in a lonely place without a lighter with you. A lighter in your kit will ensure that you’re always high on the go.

If you’re looking to get a portable stoner kit for yourself, here are some popular suggestions you might want to try out.

The Very Happy Kit

The Very Happy kit is a portable smell-proof, and hard case that is quite awesome to move around with as a stoner. The ‘Very Happy Kit’ Includes

  • A hard, smell and water proof case
  • A portable 4-piece aluminium grinder
  • A 4″ glass pipe (if you love the pipes)
  • King size rolling paper with filter tips
  • 11/4 rolling paper with filter tips
  • Dab tube
  • A container for wax
  • A hitter pipe
  • One metal poker

An essential feature of the ‘Very Happy Kit’ is its customizability. You can add or modify the kit to suit your style.


Smokits 2″ All in One kit 

Smokits 2″ ‘All in one’ is a perfect stoner kit for you if you’re a discreet person. Its size makes it easy to carry around with you in your pocket, purse or clutches whether you’re traveling around the world or attending a concert.  

Smokit is rubber coated to make it smell and waterproof. Nobody suspects what you’re actually moving around with.

Smokit contains

  • An aluminium alloy pipe for a clean draw
  • A copper pipe tool for clearing your pipe
  • Stainless steel grinding tool
  • A silicone container
  • Smokit’s reusable box which you can use a rolling tray or as extra storage


Perfect Pregame Stoner Kit

The case is waterproof and smell-proof. It is a great, unassuming, perfectly sized case that makes it easy to carry around with you without anyone suspecting what’s in the case. 

In the case, you have

  • A four-layer grinder with sharp stone style teeth, the layers are magnetized, and it comes with a tiny scraper. The grinder is 1.6″ in diameter – quite small but perfectly portable to carry around.
  • A rolling machine to roll your joints, blunts or cigarettes 
  • Two airtight plastic canisters that can house up to 3.5g of flower 
  • A DLX filter
  • 2 RAW rolling papers
  • Bob Marley extra-long papers
  • A 3 in 1 Skokie stabby screwdriver for packing your hand rolls or picking out some stuck ash
  • In the case, you have the pouch to store other accessories
  • The case has straps which make the case customizable to suit your needs

The downside is that it may not be big enough to hold conventional-sized dab rigs and bongs


The All-in-1E smoking system

The All-in-1E is a small pocket-sized stoner kit designed to give you a fantastic experience while on the move. 

The All-in-1E houses the following tools

  • The tools side holds a lighter, a glass one-hitter pipe and a stainless-steel cleaning poker
  • On the opposite end, you have storage that can hold up to 4grams of cannabis.
  • The top and the bottom cover come together to form a portable grinder
  • It has rubber on both sides to make it waterproof and smell proof. 


The MedPac travel kit

The MedPac travel Kit Is a pocket-sized travel kit the size of a cigarette pack. It is equipped with:

  • storage container 
  • a firelighter
  •  an aluminium BAT  
  • a pipe cleaner

   You use the storage container to load your BAT. Quite portable to move around with.


Having a portable stoner kit to move around with ensures that your valuable cannabis accessories are closer to you. 

A portable stoner kit gives you no reason not to be high wherever you may find yourself. All you have to do is pop-out your stoner kit and get high on the go.