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420 Smoking Accessories

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420 Smoking Accessories

4/20 is set aside as a worldwide cannabis celebration, more so with the legalization of Cannabis in Canada and eleven US states. This led to the production of several smoking accessories and gear designed for functionality and as an object of art. The best 420 smoking accessories can be hard to find. This post gives you a head start.

Smoking accessories are tools and products with which you can improve your cannabis smoking experience. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned smoker or not, we have put together a list of the essential smoking accessories to give you a fantastic session.


How does it feel when your lighter won’t spark up just when you’re about to have a relaxing time getting high? To forestall a 420 lighter failure, having a backup lighter can put those fears to rest.

Here are some suggested brands of lighters quite reliable to have in your stash case. 

420 Stash jars

A Stash jar is an accessory vital to you as a stoner. You need to get the appropriate stash jars to keep your cannabis stash fresh at all times.

These jars should  be airtight to prevent the smell from getting out, and also prevent cross-contamination if you have more than one variant of joints. 


420 Grinders

Using your hands to crush or grind your Cannabis doesn’t necessarily give you the desired texture. With a grinder, you get the best result.

There are several types of 420 grinders, but A multi chamber 420 grinder is the best  available. The multi-piece grinder has several compartments, including one which catches your kief or pollen.


420 Kief tools

Kief is the powdery, pollen-like substance you get when you grind your Cannabis. 

Kief tools make it possible and easy to collect the much-loved kief to make your hash. With kief tools you, you can scrape off kief from your grinder’s spoke and other hard-to-reach places in your grinder. 

Popular available 420 kief tools include Keefer scraper tool, pollen sifter box, and pollen press.


420 Roach clips 

Roach clips are ideal if you do not add a filter tip to your joint. In such a case, you need a roach clip to hold your joint and enjoy it to the very last drag. 

Popular 420 roach clips include the Extendo Clip with an extension of 36 inches, the Steel Clip, looks more like scissors, the 420 Bracelet Clip, Keychain Roach Clip, etc. 


420 Pipe cases

You need a pipe case to keep your pipes safe and prevent the smell from coming out. The most common 420pipe cases are fitted with padded zipper and can accommodate up to 6″ long tube.  


420 Pipes

Using a pipe is one way of smoking cannabis. Smoking with a pipe ensures that a different taste is not added to your joint because most pipes are made of glass. 

 There are several types of 420 pipes like the glass pipe which comes in various forms, the Sherlock and Gandalf weed pipe, Bubbler and the Steamroller. 


420 Rolling trays

A rolling tray prevents you from getting all messy with your Cannabis. With a rolling tray, you can roll up your Cannabis and not have to worry about spills on the floor. 


Here are some suggested 420 rolling tray brands. The Kush Rolling Tray, Verdant Bamboo Large Tray, RAW Metal Rolling Tray Mini, Rasta Racer, etc. Preferably, you can also get a stash box that comes equipped with a rolling tray.                                       

420 Ashtrays

As a stoner, you need an ashtray! Ashtrays often are not considered a necessity in a stoner’s accessories, but you do need an ashtray to ash.

Having a centerpiece ashtray will add vibes to your interior. Using the ashtray in your cannabis stash box is perfectly cool too.

Here are some recommended options; the 420 Ash Tray, Recycled Skateboard Ashtray, Minimalistic Concrete & Copper Ashtray, etc.


420 Rolling papers

Rolling papers can play a huge role in your session. Therefore, choosing the right rolling paper is of great importance. Many stoners have a favorite brand of rolling papers. You can also develop a favorite for a particular brand of rolling papers after trying out some common types of brands. 

Here are some brands of rolling papers you can try out. RAW rolling papers, Juicy Jay’s, OCB premium papers, Zig-Zag Oranges, Elements rolling papers, Shine cone, etc.


420 Cartridge/vaporisers

Vaping is one good alternative if you’re trying to quit smoking, and you still want to get stoned. Vaping cartridges do not release tars and carcinogens, unlike smoking. There are several 420 vaping cartridges like the portable vaporizers, the vape pens, and the dab pen. Therefore, choosing vaping cartridges is all dependent on your taste and style.



Using bongs to smoke your flowers ensures that the smoke is cooled by passing through water, and heavier particles are removed out of the smoke. With a bong, the feeling of watching the water bubbles while you take a drag at the pure smoke is quite amazing.  

Some of the common brands of 420 bongs you can get in the store are the 420 Series, the sweet-ass 420 bongs, clipper lighters bong, etc.


420 Dab rigs

A dab rig is similar to a bong, and it uses similar water filtration technology with a bong. In place of flowers and a bowl, the dab rig uses a banger or nail to vaporize cannabis concentrates. You can start by getting a cheap dab rig to see if dabbing is your ‘thing.’ 



You need to have the right 420 smoking accessories to enhance your smoking experience. It can definitely take a while to try out various smoking accessories, but you’ll end up with a set of smoking accessories entirely customized to suit your needs.

While searching for accessories, keep the following in mind:

  • The usefulness of the accessory
  • The functionality of the accessory
  • The size of the accessory 

Starting with an accessory might be a little clumsy, and you may not like the accessory that much. But, with frequent usage, you’ll get to master the use of your accessory.