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Weed Models on Instagram are Elevating the Game

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Weed Models are becoming increasingly popular on social media and may be changing the game.

Trends within the cannabis space are happening all the time, and while some social media activists are standing strong in not-supporting the 420 movements, Instagram is clearly the platform proudly representing cannabis culture through their weed models. And while the newest trend seems to be just hot girls smoking bongs, that not what it is all about.

Cannabis businesses are rapidly growing, along with it are cannabis marketing agencies and social media influencers that have been garnering followers here and there through different social media platforms.

To start off, venturing this path might require a solid cannabis marketing agency team who can provide constant research and analysis towards your campaign. And by research, identifying individuals who have influence over potential customers can open a lot of opportunities to improve your business further. From lawyers to chefs, these influencers have their own ways to inform and educate the crowd about CBD, even top celebrities and doctors have recommended and even participated in discussions to raise awareness on CBD’s contributions to our current society. We have heard news being posted in social media that CBD is being used as medical treatments for disorders or mental illnesses, how it helped patients as well as veterans to overcome conditions which literally changed the way we look at CBD.

CBD formula

Photo via psypost

In the age of cannabis legalization with the help of social media and cannabis marketing agencies on the side, there are a lot of YouTube and Instagram Cannabis influencers out there but only a handful that you may need to follow if you want a more detailed look about cannabis. And I’m not talking about the fun of smoking cannabis only but also weed models that are promoting the health benefits and healing properties of the plant.

In fact, there are tons of influential weed models who are about beauty, style, and creative passion.

How to find good-quality weed models?

If you are looking to join the weed models world yourself, or you are a business looking for weed models to collaborate with in order to promote your products or services the following guide will be of big help. Namely, this will give you an idea of how the world of weed model operates and what you need to look out for if you won’t be successful in what you are doing.

Later on, you can check out the top 5 weed models that are shaping up the cannabis industry on the internet as we know it.

#1 Rule of Weed Models: Strategic Planning

Influencer marketing is most effective when it is strategic. There are a lot of influencers out there. You need to determine the most valuable partnerships for your business. That starts by looking at an influencer’s audience:

  • What types of accounts are following them?
  • Who are their most engaged followers?
  • Where are their followers located?
  • Is their growth steady?

Blond girl model looking at the camera

Photo by averie woodard via Unsplash

You want to be confident your content will be getting in front of the right eyes. Answering these questions will help you better assess if an influencer’s following aligns with your business.

#2 Rule: Quality, Quality, Quality

The type of posts someone shares tells you a lot about their account. For example, are they sharing thoughtful, timely, and informative posts? Or are they bombarding their audience with spammy content and low engagement posts?

Here are a few key questions to consider to better gauge the quality of an influencer’s feed:

  • What is the tone, style, and aesthetics of their posts? (Are these in line with your values, mission, and goals?)
  • Are their images high-quality?
  • Do their posts include meaningful captions?
  • Is their audience responsive?

#3 Rule of the Weed Models: Sponsored Content

If you are looking for someone to work with, or an example of good weed models to look up to, you will want to see just how much of their content is sponsored. This represents their popularity and how much they work in their field. On one hand you may see this is a good sign because they’re open to working with cannabis brands. On the other hand, too much sponsored content signals minimal reach.

You want to work with influencers who are devoted to just a couple or few brands or niches.

If someone is willing to work with any brand that comes along, this isn’t a good sign. Authentic influencers with integrity are selective in how much of their content is sponsored. They care deeply about their audience and vision. Therefore, they only work with companies who they genuinely stand by.

Check out these 5 amazing weed models that are advocating, creating fun spaces and educating others.

Weed Models on Instagram

Clara – @queenbee.66

Just taking a moment to absorb life. I go so fast sometimes I forget to count all my blessings. . . Photo credit: @muh_riah

A post shared by 🐝QueenBee🐝 (@queenbee.66) on

One of the coolest moms and weed models out there, Clara truly gives homage to her name. She is the queen and owner of The Bee Dynasty that creates beautiful glass and smoking accessories. Furthermore, she is a wife, mom, and queen of the cannabis entrepreneurial scene. Coming from a single mother, growing up in Mexico, Clara stories shows the strength in women. Eventually, Clara went through all the ups and downs of life, filled with trials and errors, then met her husband who encouraged her to open and run their first business together, Elevation Custom Apparel printing company.

Respected as a business owner and mother, Clara openly talks about cannabis being a savior through tough times. In fact, she still to this day uses cannabis to treat her same medical issues. She promotes her account through healthy living, intriguing artistic pictures and empowering body image.

“I started to stop being afraid of myself, to be able to express my love of cannabis and the love of myself. I am happy with my choice to use Cannabis instead of pharmaceuticals. Also, I want to make a name for myself and a reputation.”

Mariah – @muh_riah

I scream too loud if I speak my mind. 📷: @ashleyinwanderland

A post shared by M A R I A H ☾ ➵ (@muh_riah) on

Not only is she cool and has dope vibes, but Mariah promotes creative cannabis content that isn’t just about sex like most weed models. Mariah is a full-time photographer based in Central Oregon specializing in all types of photography. However, her main love was a passion for photography where she got to incorporate her love for cannabis. Mariah started with a dispensary as a budtender and social media manager which grew her passions even more. Unconsumed by social media, Mariah concentrated more on providing interesting, powerful photos that inspire others.

Coming from a very supportive cannabis friendly family, Mariah has been using cannabis medically and openly. Cannabis was a cure for her nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and she even found CBD drops for her dog’s arthritis.

“I want to see cannabis in every day situations: out in nature, while cooking dinner, downtown dancing, while grabbing coffee, etc. So, yes, my biggest struggle is fighting the stigma associated with weed.”

World travel may have led Alicia on her quest into cannabis.  When she was 17 years old, she left home and moved to the Netherlands. Although she had been smoking for a while, her education really grew while she living and breathing the cannabis in the city. Being so young, Alicia started with postings in Snapchat then later switching to Instagram. Alicia found it was a more interactive platform, with more ability to share her love for cannabis. This grew immediately as the popularity of weed models smoking became a trend.

And while her family is not so supportive, her friends have always encouraged her to educate others.  Smoking weed was a way for Alicia to overcome difficult times and helped in battling anxiety and insomnia. Although France has complications around legalization, it fueled Alicia to advocate an educate other.

“I would encourage all weed smokers to be honest about it, let everyone know you smoke weed and do not hide it. We need to normalize it, show that “”reefer madness”” is bullshit and break the stoner stereotype. So light it up and pass it around.”

Chelsea – @thecannafairy

Chelsi grew up knowing she wants to help people whether it be through her photography, art, nature or education.  In fact, many say she has an eye for detail and outstanding work ethic make her exceptional amongst weed models. This, of course, made it really easy for her to transition into the field of cannabis. With a background in product knowledge, her 420 life became more than just photos. he journey started in her hometown where she became a Cannabis Activist. trying to share her products and companies with others through her social media platform.

Chelsea’s purpose in creating her account was mainly to connect with other users in her area and to learn more about how cannabis culture varies across the country and around the world. As her business and career continue, so did the shame of being a woman. Fighting against that stigma, she advocates for women and the views on them in cannabis. Using cannabis herself for ADHD, Keinbocks Disease and pain from multiple surgeries, she found cannabis is the best medication.

“I absolutely love my job and the fact that I get to have an amazing career that’s based around my passions. This plant has improved every aspect of my life.”

Heather – @fadednparadise

mood💨 #highsociety #blunts #faded #smokeup #smoke #braids #girlswhosmoke #bongbeauties @infinitewellnessfoco

A post shared by heather💎 (@fadednparadise) on

One of the more different weed models in the game. Heather is more a promoter of extraction than she is of necessarily smoking weed. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t advocate for the plant. In fact, Heather comes from a long journey of struggles and rebellious behavior.

Heather came from a very conservative background, creating negative views on marijuana for her. But in her teens, she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that led to pain, chronic nausea and over unhappy living. A friend brought her some Super Lemon Haze, and she was 100% won over. She immediately became an advocate for the cause and trie to inspire her followers through creative, fun and artistic posts. She has goals to travel the world educating others and spreading awareness in hopes she can change the minds of others who were once like her.

“To the cannabis consumer: do not give up when people judge your actions. Educate yourself on the medicinal and recreational benefits of smoking cannabis. Brace yourself with as much knowledge as possible on the subject, because you’ll be able to change some peoples minds! Don’t give up, and never stop smoking if it helps your mind, body, and soul.”

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