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The Internet Reacts to Canada Legalizing Weed




It’s official! Prime Minister Trudeau has announced the date recreational cannabis sales will be legal in Canada.

Jah Bless to all our Canadian friends. Yes, cry, sing, cheer, here’s the internet’s reaction to Canada legalizing weed.

A near 100-year prohibition has come to an end as the Prime Minister of the Great White North announced the official date that marijuana will be legal nationwide. That day is October 17th, 2018.

The internet was chalk full of priceless reactions to Canada legalizing weed. First, it started with some genuine attempts to congratulate a nation that had fought hard and long to see this day through. Ex-Youtube star and pro-gamer xCodex made his piece.

And activist Dana Larsen chimed in with a notion that although this is a huge first step, there’s also a ton of work to do before those who use cannabis are truly free under the law.

Then the hilarity ensued. The jokes seemed to surround the little-beef President Trump had started with the insulting tariffs on Canada.

The Trolls React to Canada Legalizing Weed

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