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Can You Smoke Hash Without a Pipe or Bong?

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Can you smoke hash without a pipe or a bong?

Classic hash is made from dried sieved kief molded into a coin or brick shape. You can get hash from dispensaries or other sources.  

There are several unconventional ways of consuming hash if you ever find yourself without your standard stoner kit.

Smoking Hash Using Hot Knives

For health and safety reasons, hot knives are not the best way of smoking your hash, but it is a good enough alternative to using a pipe or a bong.

Materials needed

  1. Two knives 
  2. A torch or other heating medium
  3. Metal Straw or a cut-off plastic bottle as a straw (optional) 


  • Heat one of the knives till it gets very hot, red hot, I would say.
  • At this stage, put the straw in your mouth
  • Place your hash on the cold knife and press the hot knife over it. You should exercise great care to prevent knife injury.
  • Inhale the smoke using the metal straw or plastic bottle with the bottom cut off.
  • You might want to bend in an awkward position to inhale the smoke from the hash.

Smoking Hash Using The Hash Tube Method

A hash tube is made from the resins accumulating on your scissors, and gloves if you’re a home grower. This resin should not go to waste! Instead, you can make a hash tube from it.


  1. Glass jar
  2. Wax paper
  3. Stovetop, torch, boiling water or other heating media
Smoking hash using The Hash Tube Method

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  • Roll up the accumulated resins from your scissors and gloves into a long roll and press it between two pieces of wax paper
  • Heat your glass jar, but not too hot to burn your wax paper. Alternatively, you can boil your glass jar in water. Take care not to get burnt.
  • Use the glass jar to grind your resin in-between the wax paper into a flat shape.
  • Gently peel off the wax paper from the resin.
  • Roll your resin into a sizeable hash tube. 
  • Allow the hash tube to dry out for a couple of days.
  • Light up your hash tube and get high once it is dried.

Smoking Hash From A Cup

Smoking hash from a cup or other container is an excellent alternative to using a vaporizer if you don’t have one or you left your vaporizer behind.


  1. A dab tool or an alternative. a long nail might suffice
  2. Lighter
  3. Glass cup 
  4. Straw


  • Place your glass cup inverted over the edge of a table or other hard surface with a small portion over the edge of the table
  • Use your dab tool or alternative to pick your hash. You should secure it to your dab tool to prevent it from falling off.
  • Light your hash and blow out the light gently to make the hash burn as a smolder 
  • Place your smoldering hash in the glass cup from the exposed edge. The smoke should begin to collect in the cup
  • Inhale the smoke using a straw or directly with your mouth. Be careful not to knock off the glass cup while you bend to get high.

Rolling Hash Into A Joint

You can make hash into a joint using the same method you would use to prepare a joint.


  1. Rolling paper
  2. Grounded flower


  • Spread the rolling paper on the table
  • Spray a layer of flower on it
  • Crumble the hash over the layer of ground flower
  • Spread another layer of ground flower over the crumbled hash
  • Roll up your joint and get high.

Smoking Hash Using An Aluminum Foil Bowl

This is one of the easiest ways you can smoke hash.


  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Lighter
  3. A straw or a pen tube


  • Mold the aluminum foil into a bowl-shape
  • Place your hash in the aluminum bowl
  • Heat the aluminum foil bowl slowly with the lighter
  • Use your straw or pen tube to suck the vapor from the hash in the bowl made of aluminum foil. 

Smoking Hash Using A Vaporizer

Using a vaporizer is one of the best and conventional ways of consuming cannabis products. You can consume dried flowers, oils, wax, distillates, and concentrates using a vaporizer.

Using a vaporizer is safer than smoking the hash because the vapor from the hash contains a lesser number of carcinogens than the smoke version.

To use a vaporizer to smoke hash, crumble or grind your hash into powder form to make sure that all of the hash is vaporized.

Smoking Hash Using A Plastic Lung

Plastic lungs work similarly to a bong by mimicking the airflow mechanism in a bong.


  1. Aluminum foil
  2. 2-l plastic bottle
  3. Scissors
  4. A plastic bag
  5. Tape
Smoking hash using a plastic lung

Plastic lungs can get you incredibly high.


  • Cut the 2l plastic bottle in two
  • Tape the plastic bag to the bottom of the upper part of the plastic bottle 
  • Mold the aluminum foil into a bowl
  • Use a pin to make holes in the bowl of aluminum foil
  • Place your hash in the bowl of aluminum foil and place it over the mouth of the plastic container
  • Light up the hash in the bowl and gently blow it out to make an ember
  • Work on the plastic bag expanding it to suck up the smoke from the hash ember
  • Lift the bowl when you have sucked up enough smoke in the bag
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy yourself

You should note that Plastic lungs can get you incredibly high.

Smoking Hash With Maize Husk

Maize husk is a good alternative to rolling papers for ‘health-conscious’ smokers and is easy to roll and bind with saliva. 


  • Collect the innermost layer of maize husk from a harvested maize 
  • Dry the husk and cut into size.
  • Roll up your hash and enjoy

Smoking Hash With A Soda Can

You can easily convert a soda can into a smoking accessory, but health professionals worry about the safety and health implications of using a soda can to smoke hash.


  • Bend your soda can from the middle point to make a crease
  • Poke holes into the crease
  • Make a carb hole by the side of the soda can
  • Place your hash in the crease and light it up
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece 


There are several ways of smoking hash without expending so much cash on accessories. You can get high with smoking accessories made from materials within your home.

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