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Bubbler VS Bong: Who Wins?




Bubbler VS Bong

Bubbler vs. bong is an ever-lasting competition with both smoking tools having their set of devoted followers. Although both of these smoking tools are water pipes, the reason why the bubbler vs. bong comparisons will last forever is that they are very different all in all. You see, this makes them both needed for different reasons simply because they hold a plethora of large and small differences.

What are Bubblers?

I will start my bubbler vs. bong comparison session with, you guessed it, the bubbler. A bubbler is, in fact, a creation between a dry pipe and a bong when you have size and strength of the hit in mind. However, the main difference of a bubbler vs. bong is that the first one is closer to a pipe in appearance and function rather than a bong. A bubbler will have its mouthpiece, a bowl, and sometimes a carb – very similar to the dry pipes I mentioned. But there is one key difference that makes the bubbler a bubbler and not a dry pipe, and that is the fact that bubblers only have fixed downstems. This doesn’t allow you to clean nor remove them.

The bubblers generally come in a “Sherlock” style where the name is derived from the similarity to the classic type of pipe smoked by Sherlock Holmes. In recent years many bubblers designers have upgraded that look to a smaller-looking bubbler that resembles a bong, but it’s actually a small complex bubbler. And this is where all the confusion and the bubbler vs. bong thing appears. However, the benefits of bubbler vs. bong ‘s benefits are very different. In fact, these are the key points that will make you decide on whether you will go with a bubbler or a bong at the end and end the “bubbler vs. bong” thing.

The benefits of the bubbler


  • You get a smoother hit when smoking a bubbler. Namely, whenever you have a water tool for smoking know that they offer a smoother hit. This way you will never cough from the first nor the last pull, and you will never end up with a dry mouth as with a dry piece.
  • Experiencing a better taste of the hit. This is especially beneficial to newbies who are not used to the strong taste or smell of the weed. The bubbler will give you a smoother taste and help you get used to the tagines of marijuana.
  • Great medium-level smoking tool. Further along, our quest on discovering what is better between a bubbler vs. a bong is the level of the smoking tool. Namely, bubblers are an excellent option for when you want to smoke out of something smoother than a pipe, stronger than it as well, but you wouldn’t want to go with something strong like a bong.
  • Bubbler vs. bong. Which one is easier to handle? Bubblers win in this category. This is because the way a bubbler is shaped enables you to hold them better and navigate with it rather than with a bong.
  • A better durability. If quality and value for your money are what you are after, then you should definitely pick a bubbler instead of a bong. This is because through many experiments devoted potheads found out that a bubbler is far less likely to break than a bong. This is because bongs are made of less thick glass when compared to a bubbler. Also, the bubblers with their shape and design tend to cover less surface area when compared to a bong. So bubbler vs. bong again, who wins? For now, the bubbler leads the game for sure.
  • No extra pieces needed. Another thing I love about a bubbler is that no other pieces are required for it. Once you buy it, everything you need is in place and that is it. No additional costs for extra pieces such as bowls or anything else.
  • More discrete. Bubblers are quitter than bongs so if you need to cover up the sound, the bubbler is your smoking tool to turn to.

Marijuana plant

Downsides to a bubbler

Of course, with all the benefits liabilities come in question, so in order for you to make the right decision in the bubbler vs. bong, here are the downsides of the first:

  • Difficulties in cleaning: When it comes to maintaining a perfect state of your bubbler, it sure will give you a hard time. This is simply because bubblers cannot be taken apart as bongs can, so there will always be something left out when you want to clean them.
  • Getting dirty faster: As an addition to the aforementioned downside, the bubblers also get dirty faster and will require a water change more often.
  • No chance of personalization: Bubblers cannot be personalized the way bongs and other smoking tools can. Bubblers are a one-piece tool and you use it as you buy it.

Bubbler Vs. Bong – Characteristics Of The Second One

As far as complexity and prestige (read: you’ll be fancier using a bong) go, bongs are a level up from bubblers. Namely, bongs are these vertical pieces that go up on appearance and functionality at the same time. A bong has a big, long mouthpiece, a special chamber for water and you need to have a separate bowl with a downstream to use it. While they do come in many shapes and sizes as well as different varieties, the concept of their construction is pretty much the same for every bong.

The Benefits of A Bong

A Bong

When making a decision on whether to choose a bubbler vs. a bong as your first smoking tool, you should know that the later one holds as many benefits as the first, if not more. As I said they are different, used for different things, so you need to know your needs in order to choose one properly.

  • Through a bong, you get a mightier high. This is why they are suitable for experienced potheads that can take a strong hit all at once. The reason for this is the space they have between the bowl and the mouthpiece. This space is larger than a regular bubbler’s space so you can take larger hits at once.
  • Bongs last longer. When smoking, the bong bowls are larger so you are able to get longer smoking sessions. This is extremely beneficial when sharing the bong with a group of people at once.
  • Another one in the quest for the better one bubbler vs. bong is the fact that bongs are easier to clean. You can assemble and reassemble easily, so you are able to reach each part and clean them well.
  • With their parts being separate, bongs are great for personalization because you can buy each piece to your own taste and preference.

The Downsides of Bongs

  • Bongs with their size and design are more easily breakable than bubblers are.
  • Since it comes with many parts and pieces, the things need to be replaced more often which may result in unnecessary expenses.
  • More difficult to navigate with and hold. The design on the bongs makes them more difficult to be held so you cannot use them anywhere and any time. This also makes them more difficult for storage.
  • Louder: Another downside in the bubbler vs. bong comparison is that the bong rips are much louder than bubblers. So, when trying to smoke undetected not only your eyes will be visibly red and easy to detect but also people might hear the sound and know what’s happening.


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