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Which Cannabis Strains are Best for Concentration and Focus?




Best cannabis strains for concentration and focus

Many people associate marijuana with sedation, but did you know that some strains can increase focus, energy, and concentration? Some research has even shown that cannabis can improve concentration in those living with ADHD. Whether you’re looking for Sativa, Indica or hybrid strains, this cannabis strain guide will help you focus in on the task at hand.

Cinex (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid)

If you are after something that can uplift your mood and provide more focus, Cinex will not disappoint. The strain can help you stay put for long periods of time without losing concentration. Cinex is also known for its positive effects on depression and anxiety patients. The cannabis strain has a high THC level of up to 26%. 

Cinex has CBD levels of around 16%. There are various terpene profiles associated with this strain, including mint, pine, and sweet. However, the strain can have adverse effects on individuals who are prone to anxiety or easily affected by THC. It is advisable to increase the consumption of the strain gradually to help monitor individual effects. 

Jack Herer (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid)

Named after the American hemp activist, the strain is known for its cerebral elevation. Jack Herer helps relieve stress and alleviate depression to help you focus on what you have on the table. The strain also creates a feeling of happiness and gives you energy for the task ahead. Jack Herer has an orange-lemon taste with a hint of pine. Its attractive scent and smell have made the strain a favourite for many cannabis lovers.

The secret breed is believed to be a cross of Northern Lights, Haze, and Shiva Skunk. The strain is also believed to be ideal for relieving symptoms associated with asthma. Jack Herer can also help relieve migraines and headaches to give you an easy time concentrating on your work. The cannabis strain has gained popularity among patients and recreational users alike. It has moderate to high levels of THC, ranging between 15% and 25%.  You should keep your body hydrated when using Jack Herer because it is known to cause dry mouth.

Harlequin (Sativa-Dominant)

If you want a euphoric stimulation that comes from a balance of THC and CBD, this strain is definitely something worth checking out. It is a cross-breed of strains from Colombia, Switzerland, Nepal, and Thailand. Harlequin creates calmness and enhances cerebral focus as well. The strain has mild psychoactive effects due to the moderate to low ratio of THC to CBD (typically 2:5), and makes Harlequin a suitable strain for individuals who have a sensitivity to high THC potency. The most common terpene profiles of the strain are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene.

Harlequin is renowned as one of the best cannabis strains for its ability to improve focus through pain and fatigue relief. The strain is also useful in boosting creativity and energy levels. Therefore, the strain will come to your rescue if you have tried coffee and it is not working. Because Harlequin has a high level of CBD (around 25%), it helps to counteract the effects of THC. The strain also has few side effects compared to other strains of cannabis. 

Sour Diesel (Sativa-Dominant)

The breed is composed of Shiva, Hawaiian, Original Diesel, and Northern Lights. Sour Diesel has low amounts of CBD while the THC amount is around 20%. The psychoactive effects of the strain can be felt if taken in excess. When starting on the strain, it is advisable to start with a low dosage as the body adapts. Sour Diesel keeps your mind alert and gives you a chance to concentrate.

Sour Diesel

Gimme That Pungent Aroma and Earthy Taste

The strain is common in social gatherings because of its euphoric effects. Sour Diesel effects are felt almost immediately after consumption. Overconsumption of the strain can cause reverse effects of sluggishness and sleep. It can also lead to paranoia if you take large doses for a start. Its roots can be traced to Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. 

Green Crack (Typically Sativa Dominant, Occasionally Indica-Dominant)

It was named Green Crack by Snoop Dogg after realizing it was one of the strongest cannabis strains, thanks to the stimulating effects of the strain. The strain is a great energy booster and has a high psychoactive effect. It brings life out of you when your mood is down. Green Crack has high levels of THC (up to 25%). The CBD amount in the strain is around 4%. It has a mix of citrus and tropical terpenes. 

Green Crack is a crossbreed between an Afghani Landrace and Skunk No. 1. It will boost your energy to keep you on your toes without any fatigue. It is not the best for use at night because it keeps you wired for long periods of time. Cush (as it was originally known) also relieves fatigue and brings relaxation. 

Durban Poison (Pure Sativa)

Do you want a cannabis strain that will get you back on track instantly? Durban Poison will not disappoint as it brings alertness immediately. The strain also gives you the sense to focus on details through its concentration increment. Durban Poison can improve social life because it has a way of boosting self-confidence to strike up a conversation. Apart from that, you should expect a boost in energy and mind relaxation.

The strain originates from South Africa. It has a sweet smell that makes it a top  choice for both patients and recreational users. Durban Poison has been shown to help ADHD patients with concentration. It is at times bred with Skunk to stabilize its psychoactive and therapeutic effects. You can use the strain at any time during the day.

OG Kush (Indica-Dominant)

This strain is an exception because it is Indica-dominant but still achieves the focus effects of Sativa-dominant strains. It is a crossbreed between Chemdawg, Pakistan Kush, and Thai Lemon. The strain has a balance between CBD and THC. This property creates moderate effects on users. 

OG Kush helps in the alleviation of headaches and migraines. It gives you the necessary boost you need to concentrate on long meetings. It induces focus without robbing you of the ability to contribute valuable ideas to discussions.

If you are a marathon gamer or you have to push your schedule to work for long hours, this list of cannabis strains will boost your concentration. They alleviate pain, anxiety, and stress. However, it’s best to avoid a high dosage in the initial stages to avoid feeling sleepy or sluggish. 

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