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Meditation and Cannabis Exercise with Hebrew Prayer | Mindful Mary

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meditation and cannabis

Meditation and cannabis can be a powerful combination to activate mental acuity.

The benefits of combining prayer, meditation and cannabis have long been harnessed by shamans and ancient civilizations. In the 21st century, we can access some of these ancient practices by reviving hymns and prayers to utilize activation in our own life.

For this exercise, the Hebrew prayer is “Yehi ratzon sheyihye li lirefuah,” meaning: “May it be your will that this leads to my healing.”

There are many blessings and prayers out there that are beneficial to your cannabis experience. Prayer is just one of many to help align the chakras into a state of mindfulness. This connection will help send out energy and receive that same energy back. For that reason, this is best done alone, at home, or somewhere quiet within nature.

This concept of prayer will provide space for enlightenment and may help you answer some questions about your own life.

A Conscious Practice for Meditation and Cannabis


  1. Focus on the feelings in your heart after a puff of some cannabis.
  2. Then, take note of how this makes you feel from moment to moment. This will slowly bring yourself into a state of consciousness.
  3. See how this then affects your mood and patterns of which your modes are enhanced.
  4. Focus deep into your heart and find the patterns without talking about or discussing it. Just take notice of these conscious and subconscious feelings.
  5. While you focus on the heart, try to put intention behind any of these feeling or patterns that may be happening.
  6. Now try to expand those feelings through meditation and cannabis. These are called portals of energy. Also known as chakras.


  1. Firstly, start by focusing on the top of the head. Try to put words or feelings to the high that is there. This high and connection will have natural vibrations in our consciousness. This is due to the power of the endocannabinoid system.
  2. Secondly, take into action what messages are currently appearing within your mind. For some, this can be stressful, for some this can be awakening.
  3. Thirdly, try to align the mind with the consciousness of your soul, and try to make this a permanent connection.  Doing this is implicitly a consciousness expanding meditation, and is known as “right alignment”.
  4. Fourthly, while continuing to smoke, try to create a natural setting. Align your soul and spirit with the trees, the animals, the plants, all the things that make us stronger as one.
  5. Next, this connection will create a level of sensitivity and a feeling of connection to Earth may happen. This can induce a feeling of empathy. At this stage, you may find yourself falling into number 8. In which case, continue back from 8 onwards.
  6. Once completed, the smoke will allow for strong rushes of energy and euphoria. This is an alignment with Earth consciousness, or what the WMS literature calls, “the Earth Mind”.
  7. Lastly, try to intend that your high is transmitted to the surrounding areas. This is amplifying your attention. And if your intentions are clear and direct, you may feel slight tingles.
  8. These tingles will be caused by vibrations from others energies and reciprocate the feelings back to you. Like people say the energy you put out, you get back.
  9. Finally, stay with the energized buzz connection. Search for your intentions, answers, and needs.
  10. Don’t forget to thank the gods and goddesses for your smoke!
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