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CBD Pet Treats

Sonja Angelevska



CBD Pet Treats

CBD pet treats is a topic which is becoming more and more popular since the benefits of CBD are becoming more and more recognized. The main question is whether they are good for your furry friends. Well, if CBD is good or you, then why won’t it be good for your pet? As long as the amount you give your pet is appropriate.

No, your pet won’t get high!

The substance that gives the “high” sensation is THC. THC is one of 100 substances found in marijuana. CBD is also one of those cannabinoids, but CBD can in no way make your pet act weird; it can actually grant them true benefits. All of the pet treats are made THC-free or contain very little concentration of THC that has no effect.

If you are looking to improve the life quality of your pet but you are not exactly sure where you should start, stick around as we will explore the topic closely and review some of the best CBD treats out there.

Why are CBD Pet Treats Good for Your Pet

CBD can have the same effects on your animal friend as on you. The difference is in the dosage, your pet needs to intake less CBD than you. Certified pet treats that we will look at a bit later contain the right and recommended amount of CBD. The only thing you need to make sure is that you are not going over the recommended daily quantity. We know, pets are most adorable when they beg for a treat but you shall not give them more than you should! Or if you really have to give in to their request, just grab a normal treat that doesn’t contain CBD.

CBD has no psychoactive effects, neither for humans or dogs. There is very little possible side effects, the most common being slight drowsiness. This can actually even be a good thing for dogs that are hyperactive. They will have a bit of a lay-in and you won’t have to worry about them running up and down the house.

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs via 3MillionDogs


CBD Pet Treats instead of CBD Oil

Because of the numerous benefits for pets, many owners have used the popular CBD oil. However, there is only one problem with CBD oil. The way that your pet needs to take the oil is by putting one drop under their tongue. This is the fastest way that the oil will give your pet its benefits, but it is clearly a bit tricky to get the oil where it should be in your pet’s mouth. Additionally,100% CBD oil has a naturally bitter taste that your pet will try to avoid as much as possible. Unless if you want to fight your pet every day to give them oil which is not recommended, there is a simpler way of doing things.

That’s why, to make your life easier and your pet’s life tastier, getting CBD pet treats is the best thing you can do so both of you can be happy.

Canna-Biscuits for Dogs: Advanced Formula Maple Bacon – Organic

Organic and bacon flavoured! Plus they contain CBD! What’s more to ask? Your furry friend will enjoy the taste of actual bacon and chew on the CBD benefits.


Canna pet biscuits maple bacon

Canna-Pet CBD Pet Treats via CannaPet


Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Bacon Dog Biscuits

Another bacon-based dog treat, but it’s okay because bacon is the best! Your buddy will love these and keep coming back for more, but don’t go over 2 a day!


Bacon Treats

Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Bacon Dog Biscuits via HempHealthInc


Roasted Peanut Butter Flavored CBD Dog Treats

Now, who doesn’t love peanut butter?! Only people who are allergic to it!

These peanut butter flavoured treats claim to have a calming effect, so your pet can relax and enjoy themselves. Daily intake depends on the size of the dog – the bigger the dog, the more treats!


Honest Paws CBD


Honest Paws CBD Pet Treat via HonestPaws


Why Give Your Pet CBD Pet Treats?

The benefits from CBD pet treats can be truly amazing for your little buddies.

CBD is a great painkiller, so for animals who have a disease or an injury, such CBD pet treats can be really life-changing. It will make them more relaxed and happier since the pain will go away.

CBD is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. This makes CBD pet treats the right choice if you are pet is suffering from an inflammatory condition. Even if you are not aware that there is an inflammation, CBD can sort the inflammation out before it becomes dangerous or needs medical attention.

Pets also suffer from anxiety and phobias, just like their fellow humans. If your dog goes absolutely nuts because of the hoover, maybe it’s time to consider CBD treats. They will help your pet feel more relaxed and maybe next time when you are hoovering they will completely ignore you and carry on being holly-jolly!

Unfortunately, many pets also suffer from nausea and vomiting. This can also decrease their appetite and might cause other problems down the line since they are not taking in all the minerals, vitamins and nutritious elements they need to be healthy. CBD pet treats can improve the feeling of nausea and prompt eating. Just careful not to feed your pet too much since you don’t want them to be overweight either!

CBD is also believed to have an impact on cancer, especially colon cancer. Since pets are not immune to it either, giving them CBD treats can help to prevent such diseases.

Last but not least, CBD can make your pet happier. It can regulate the hormones and help your pets reach homeostasis. Get ready for more tail wagging and jumping around.

We know you love your furry friends even too much. Then why not give them the best out there. CBD pet treats should not be used only if your pet suffers from a disease or is in pain. These treats can genuinely improve the life and well-being of animals and that makes them worth it. Since CBD is 100% for use and highly beneficial for both by humans and animals, why not treat yourself and your buddy and enjoy the benefits.


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