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Cannabis Clothing for Women is Creating New Fashion Trends

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Cannabis clothing is becoming a huge trend within fashion and women are leading the scene in both creation and showcase.

Cannabis clothing for women is taking over as a real fashion movement. Whether it’s Alexander Wang on the runaway or a no-name brand at a rasta store, there seems to be no bounds to the reach and impact of cannabis clothing.

In fact, this new trend isn’t just about weed leaves and rainbows, but it also includes ways to positively impact the environment through sustainability. The cannabis plant and its derivatives ability to provide sustainable hemp have created a whole new line of clothing.

It’s also about embracing the image and construction of a plant that has been stigmatized for close to 100 years.

Cannabis Clothing for Women

If you are looking to dive deep into the cannabis trends and you are a female, fashion is just one way to do that. Now, no bias against the males, but there are just more options for females. From celebrities, Instagram influencer to “regular-schemulars” as Cardi B calls them, are all rocking cannabis fashion.

The Dress – Cannabis Queen

cannabis clothing for women

Alexander Wang’s cannabis-inspired collection. via Different World

One of the defining articles of clothing for women that have been a staple in all closets. Whether its the little black dress or that perfect beach maxi dress, every lady has one dress they absolutely adore. Cannabis clothing for women is creating dresses into masterpieces of fashion. In addition, some dresses are just super cute, casual and fun for a date.

In 2015 Mara Hoffman created maxis dresses with cannabis leaf prints. She released this as her Spring collection making it suitable for a cool twenty year old or even young moms. A year later, Alexander Wang came out with cannabis leaf printed mohair dresses. This included lace cannabis cutouts for his 2016 fall collection. It may have caused a stir on the runway but the party girls loved them.

The Jacket – Marijuana Mogul

cannabis clothing for women

Parody Adidas cannabis black weed hoodie. via The Higher Shop

Everyone wants to be warm, and some want to look cool and make a statement while doing it. Cannabis clothing for women has created a perfect way to show off a love for Mary Jane. KUSH is a brand created by stoners, for stoners. Drawing inspiration from street culture and high-end marijuana apparel brands. In addition, The Higher Shop focuses on Cannabis, Chill & Mystical related product that is inspired by the experiences of being stoned.

The Shoes – Weed Walkers

cannabis clothing for women

Adidas and BAIT partnered to create new hemp shoes inspired by 4/20. via 103.5

Surely you have heard men complain about their female counterparts owning way too many shoes. But why not add one more to your collection to show off your love for weed. Cannabis clothing for women is not only a trend but its breaking stigmas. And many are jumping on the wagon to show off through their shows.  As a matter of fact, AIT teamed up with Adidas to create a limited edition shoe called “Happy 420”. The shoe is made of natural hemp, printed to look like ‘nugs’ of dried cannabis. Plus, the shoe has a label on the tongue that looks like a medical cannabis prescription label and has a pocket for your stash. Companies that Y.R.U., Cafe Press, Nasty Gal, and even Boast Blue have created sneakers, flipflops, and flats for the 420 empowered woman.

The Jewelry – Gangja Garbs

cannabis clothing for women

Jacquie Aiche transforms ganja into gold in her new luxe jewelry collection. via Merry Jane

Cannabis clothing for women isn’t always just about the clothing, but the accessories too. And they’re so many options to choose from. Accessory line Edie Parker created a brand’s signature pink resin clutches simply labeled “weed” in a green cursive script. Furthermore, Jacquie Aiche has created Mimi Leaf necklaces, clutch bags, and earpieces that run at a pricey around but are delicate and simple. In addition, for the introverted stoner, Lucien Pellat created a piece that says weed but isn’t too flashy including wallets, purses and even iPad cases.

The best thing about jewelry is that if you can’t afford the designer or just don’t want it, you can hit up a local market, or Etsy and get some cool Mary Jane pieces.

Higher Conclusion

Overall, cannabis clothing for women is taking over as a trend. And while this cannabis culture has seemed tacky and hippie-like, that isn’t the case anymore. In fact, the tie-dye is still just as cool but so is the modern runaway cannabis couture. Cannabis is sustainable and has opened up a whole new market for how clothing is made and designed. So, if you want something to make a statement, this is a great way to start!

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