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A Bud-ding Fashion Industry: High-End Fashion Gets Even Higher!

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weed meets the fashion industry

Many designers may not want to comment on their weed inspired fashion but facts are facts. Marijuana is making its mark in the fashion industry.

Many may think it is tacky but the marijuana leaf style is just your average baggy clothing and tie-dye style anymore. In fact, times are changing drastically putting a chic, new spin on stoner style. Now celebrities, politicians, and probably your grocery store clerk smoke weed. And many aren’t shy to promote it through their personal style in the fashion industry.

What’s on the Market?

fashion industry

Rihanna amongst many other celebrities are not shy about showing their love for cannabis through fashion. via The Billboard


This has been the more popular way of showing off the marijuana plant. It isn’t too much but it informs others you mean cannabis business. And now, there are more chic and classy designs for earrings, rings, and necklaces. More kinds of exquisite, delicate and fashion-forward jewelry are being created for the cannabis enthusiasts.

Cannabis Couture

Many designers have incorporated cannabis motifs into their lines, clothes and provocateur fashion statements. While marijuana culture used to be for the Rasta Man or the cool hippie who lives next door now it turned into a statement. It has become trendy!
“It’s all about trying to make something more modern and chic that reflects who the cannabis user of today is,” says Pilar Johnson, an Etsy shop owner
Fashion has also been a way of making a political statement and with legalization on the horizon, fewer people are afraid to express it through their fashion. From jackets to purses to everyone’s favorite weed socks by HUF, the weed leaf can be found basically anywhere.  Weed even hit the runway – at Fashion Week in New York.
With A-list celebrities rocking the new weed leaf fashion, its bound to become less of a stigma and more of a chic way to show off marijuana.

Hemp Products

Hemp products are derived from a species of the cannabis plant. The reason it is so popular is due to its rapid growth and durability…and it can be produced without the use of pesticides. The best part about hemp is that is healing for your skin and fights against UV light. With the trends going towards more natural routes – this is a great way to be apart of it. It saves on water and helps to keep people employed. The fashion industry is moving towards a more vegan, natural option and since it can be heavily produced it is the perfect fabric option with a long lasting shelf life.


The marijuana leaf is also finding its way into stocking designs, clutch purses, belts and other accessories. This has culminated in high-quality accessories, such as lighters, vaporizers and of course, glassware. In fact, some accessories are created for multiuse.  Take for example the headline-making grinder-necklace released by a trending fashion label Vetements in 2016.


via HERB

What all this celebrity and attention does, is  it allow for cannabis to the end of prohibition is its own fashion statement. It is obvious that cannabis couture has become mainstream. Along with smoking cannabis. The benefits to the plant in the fashion industry are enormous and may help to build more durable-long lasting clothing.

It is no longer about what people claimed as “stoner culture”. It has officially become everyone’s culture. From all walks of life. However, whether its a killer tie-dye shirt or some high-end Gucci top with a weed emblem, all the support to the cannabis community is beneficial. And we are happy to see the fashion industry making a statement of its own. For that reason, cannabis fashion opens the door to a much larger world of cannabis reform

“Fashion, as always, will pick up on what’s happening in our culture and incorporate it in its own way,” says Shapiro. “But what’s exciting is that the change is happening and cannabis can be chic.”  – Colorado-based pot style writer Katie Shapiro

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