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Higher Mentality partners with The Mass Nerder Podcast, Co-Hosted by Ben Rispin of Puff Digital’s Into The Weed’s Podcast along with his brother Cole Rispin, and cosplayer Ally Blundy.

Hamilton, Ont – This week, The Mass Nerder Podcast celebrates their milestone 100th episode and to commemorate the event,  the show has partnered with Puff Digital’s, and are joining the brand’s new live streaming twitch channel located online at


Mass Nerder, originally created by hosts Ally Blundy, a lifelong gamer, cosplayer, and media professional, Ben Rispin, critically acclaimed musician, cannabis advocate and producer, Cole Rispin, producer, writer, game developer as well as the driving force behind Mass Nerder, originally partnered creatively on a television pilot of the same name for the now-defunct Bite TV. Later repurposed as a podcast by Cole Rispin, Ally Blundy & voice actor Matt Barnes, The Mass Nerder Podcast launched almost four years ago and has grown a loyal audience over the past 100 episodes.  When asked about the podcasts longevity, Cole Rispin had this to say,


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“We launched Mass Nerder as a podcast out of my mom’s basement in late 2015, at that point, we had no idea that we’d be here, almost 4 years later. Now recording in our own studio, partnering with companies like Puff Digital and Higher Mentality, it’s all very exciting and a testament to everyone’s passion for the project. The fact that we still get to do this, and hopefully expand our audience and brand, is a testament to our modest, cult following.”

Ally Blundy added, “I can’t believe we made it to 100 episodes! As excited as I am that we hit such a huge milestone, what I’m most proud is how far the three of us have come in 10 years, and that we are able to do something we love every week, together. I wouldn’t have it any other way! And I’m very excited for what the future has in store for Mass Nerder!”


While the show isn’t exactly focused on cannabis, Ben Rispin, who joined the show after Barnes left to focus on his voice acting career, who is also the creative director at Puff Digital, had this to say about why the show fits format for the cannabis media company, “Well, we’re focusing on re-tooling our Higher Mentality site to not only be focused on cannabis content, but content provided from known cannabis users, and ancillary content created by the cannabis community. Gaming, film, comics, sports; these are all activities that cannabis users enjoy, and enjoy discussing under the influence. Long before legalization was discussed in mainstream media, Cole & I had always been transparent that we take cannabis on and off the show. We’ve always loved to talk about fan culture while high, and have often commented that doing so is the highlight of our week. We’ve been doing it for a long, long time, so the progression to me and partnership with Higher Mentality and its affiliates, is a natural fit”


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The 100th episode, which features comic illustrator and show regular, Michael Walsh, as well as musician James “Cubby” Nelan of The Reason is described as follows:

“ It’s our Spider-Man themed 100th episode extravaganza! Renowned comic artist Michael Walsh ( Jughead: The Hunger, Hawkeye ) joins Ally, Ben, Cubby & Cole to discuss his love of comics, movies, and video games. We also discuss his work on Spectacular Spider-Man, Star Wars: The Last Jedi adaptation, we get an update of the film adaptation of his graphic novel Comeback, and touch a little on what he has planned next for that universe. Jake Reimer of Voltang also joins in the fun to discuss what he’s been playing on his new Twitch show, “Press X to get High” All this and more, on MASS NERDER’S 100th episode!!!



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