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Meet The Guy Who Gets Paid to Smoke Weed




paid to smoke weed

To cannabis enthusiasts, Russ Hudson has the dream job. He gets paid to smoke weed and review strains.

In fact, there is a growing market for comprehensive analysis and subjective review of individual strains. Russ has found success in Spain, where the country operates about 300 smoking clubs. They have lax rules when it comes to enforcement has empowered Russ to get paid to smoke weed.

Hudson grades the weed in five major categories:

  1. Appearance: Grading the look and feel of the bud.
  2. Aroma: How does the bud smell whole and when busted up
  3. Flavor: the notes, flavors, and highlights of the herb
  4. Potency: How high it gets you, what kind of high you feel, wherein the body you feel it, and how it spreads as it develops)
  5. Duration: How long the high lasts, and how it degrades.

Do you want to get paid to smoke weed? Start cultivating your craft and strain knowledge. This video is a great place to start.

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