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Mass Nerder Celebrates 150th with Live Show featuring Michael Walsh

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Mass Nerder, the long running weed Infused Pop-Culture Podcast Celebrates their 150th episode with a live show featuring Marvel Comics’ Michael Walsh 

Mass Nerder, Cannabis Infused Pop-Culture Podcast Hosts: Cubby Nelan, Ally Blundy, Ben Rispin, Coles Rispin

The Hosts of Mass Nerder hang out in the basement of Bong Mansion – Photo By James Heaslip



The Mass Nerder Podcast, who are celebrating their milestone 150th episode, is a Hamilton based weed infused video game, comic book, and movie podcast co-hosted by Into The Weeds’ Ben Rispin, Cos-player, Ally Blundy, musician James Cubby Nelan (Born in the 80’s / The Reason), and writer / Producer Cole Rispin (see Nerdy Lasagna) who is also the leading creative on the weekly podcast. The show, originally co-created by the Rispin Brothers as a failed TV pilot for the now defunct BITE TV, was also co-hosted by Blundy and where the groups friendship blossomed
Years later, the show was redefined by Cole Rispin as a podcast with then co-host and voice actor, Matt Barnes. Shortly after the first few episodes were recorded, Cole asked Blundy to return. After a a dozen more episodes, Barnes decided to step down to focus on his voice acting career, which is booming. Eventually, series regular Ben Rispin came on as third co-host. The show continued for over a year with this line up. Guests would include bands and artists like Sumo Cyco’s Skye Sweetnam, comic creator Michael Walsh, Matt Ryan Tobin, Ghoulish Gary Pullin and many more.
Ally Blundy and Ben Rispin on the set of Mass Nurder,

Ally Blundy and Ben Rispin in 2009, on the set of the original Mass Nurder.

Eventually, another series regular, James “Cubby” Nelan joined the show to fill in. At the time, Ben was traveling frequently with his work. Now, in 2020, the show recently released its 150th episode and have announced via the group’s Facebook to that they would celebrate by hosting their very first live show. The event in will take place at one of the groups favourite watering holes, Arcade Hamilton. Arcade is a retro adult-arcade known for good music, great pinball, and some of the finest Pizza in the city. 


The live show will feature series regular, Michael Walsh. Walsh, who is also a Hamilton native, has blown up in recent years as one of the comic book industries fan favourite illustrators, creators and writersWalsh is an Eisner and Shuster nominated artist who in 2013 co-created the IMAGE comic book series COMEBACK, soon to be a major motion picture. Since then, he has worked with MARVEL COMICS on properties such as Star Wars, Spider-Man, The Avengers, and the X-Men. His publishers also include DARK HORSE, VALIANT, Archie Comics, TITAN, DC Comics, BOOM and IDW. More recently, Walsh illustrated the Dark Horse and DC Comics crossover event Black Hammer and Justice league.
On a personalized Facebook message, Cole Rispin had this to say about the milestone:
“I can’t believe Mass Nerder has reached our 150th episode milestone. For a podcast where I was thrilled we got to episode 10, I’d say not bad! We started this Podcast in my mother’s basement, then moved to Halo Studio and then Bong Mansion. We have been lucky enough to team up with Puff Digital and Higher Mentality. It’s been an absolute privilege to meet and interview some of the coolest people around. The (attaches) pictures are only a few of the incredible guests we have had. My fellow co-hosts are always amazing and are always the brightest part of my week. I love doing this show with you guys. Thank you to all of our friends, family and FANS who have listened and supported us over the years. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. Here is to the next 150 episodes!”


The live event will take place Sunday, March 1st at Arcade in Hamilton. Tickets available here.
While you can’t consume weed in Arcade Hamilton, Ontario provincial law allows smoking on the street. One can speculate that there will be consumption in front of the venue before doors and the hosts welcome attendees to join them early to sa hello.

Tickets to Mass Nerder Live with Michael Walsh are available now


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