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Hits Blunt Questions That Made Us Wonder

Sonja Angelevska



hits blunt questions

Hits blunt questions are the stoners’ alternative to shower thoughts. In fact, questions that pop to mind under the influence of weed are like riddles from outer space. They have always been in front of you but it never occurred to you to think about why something is as it is.


We have all been there – at one moment it is all fun and games, joking around with your mates, hitting one blunt after the other and then all of the sudden the door to an alternate reality open. You ask yourself why can’t you just be like your buddy Steve over there who is committing an absolute murder on the dance floor (pun intended) with his two left legs, tripping people over and spilling drinks everywhere. Your hits blunt questions are making you even frustrated because the answer is much more complex than you initially thought, but you also feel like the biggest philosopher of all time for asking such questions.


Worry not, you’re not alone! The Internet is behind you!


If there’s one thing we should all be grateful for from the Internet it’s the fact that we can share our hits blunt questions in hopes that someone will have a good hits blunt answer. In case you missed it, here is the first batch of hits blunt questions we covered, but this is a gift that keeps on giving. Here we go – another round of the best hits blunt questions!



Bus Drivers – We Need Your Help!

Bus Drivers - We Need Your Help

This is such a frustrating question! Have you ever seen a button on the outside of the bus or something that might provide an answer to this question? But really, who closes the door?! Surely, there isn’t someone who spends a night over on the bus like every night! Or is there? Bus drivers put an end to our suffering and please give us the answer to one of the most frustrating hits blunt questions ever! As a matter of fact, I might even ask the bus driver myself tomorrow!



True, True…

True, True…


This is more of a realization than a question but it was hiding in plain sight the entire time! The number of nipples is double than the number of people in this world and this is a slightly eye-opening revelation.



The TIme Riddle

The Time Riddle


Personally, I tend to ask a lot of time-related questions when hitting the blunt. But this one surpasses all of my questioning capabilities.


The first clock that we know of dates from 1309 and it was found in a church in Italy. By the 16th century, mechanical clocks and watches were already mass-produced, even though they were very expensive. But if you go further back, things get even weirder! We all know about the sundial clocks, but did you know there were also water clocks? Well, I didn’t!


As it turns out, before the standard length hour was introduced, time was measured with the help of “seasonal hours” that varied in length! The standard hour has 60 minutes and one minute has 60 seconds because we went looking for inspiration in the Babylonian mathematics and apparently they were obsessed with the number 60 for reasons unknown. You can read more about how time was standardized but proceed with caution because the more you read about it, the more hits blunt questions will pop on your mind! Been there – done that!



More Vegan Problems

More Vegan Problems


Ah, vegans. The Internet’s favorite group of people to make fun of. There are countless vegan memes out there, but the vegans are striking back with their own memes! But this hits blunt questions is really baffling for both vegans and non-vegans. Is it still a beef tho? And if it isn’t, then what is it?


And here’s a bonus hits blunt question from me here. When do vegans eat when they get the munchies after smoking weed? It can’t be kale, surely!



The Silent Letter

The Silent Letter

Does anyone even have an answer to this question?!


Right, let’s look at it this way: surely, one of the two letters is silent because if that wasn’t the case, we would pronounce the “sc” sound in “scent” as we do in “sceptic”.


“Scent” sounds awfully similar to “sent” so you might think think to yourself “We have a winner! C is silent”. But is it really?

We also have the word “cent” which is pronounced in the exact same way! You can never win with the English language, can you?



The Never-Ending Dilemma

The Never-Ending Dilemma


The only time when it occurs to me to put my towels in the washing machine is when my mum asks me if I have washed them. We tend to think of towels as everlastingly clean, but ask your mum, she will say otherwise! So if we are all nice and clean when we go out of the shower, then why on Earth do we need to wash our towels? Is there a piece missing in this puzzle that none of us knows about?!



The Pronunciation Irony

The Pronunciation Irony


Do you think that whoever came up with these words has done it one purpose? Just a little joke to all of us that will come back and haunt us through our hits blunt questions? Well, it’s not funny! Either someone pulled a really bad joke on all of us or this is a case of pure and simple irony!






Alphabetical order is the reason why the less fortunate of us whose last name starts with an A were always the first one to be called by the teacher in oral exams. But why? Is there an actual reason for that, or did somebody just said “Right, how about we put A as the first letter, Z as the last, and put L, M, N, O and P together because they will make a cool sound when pronounced quickly”? Well, guess what buddy, it’s not cool! It will forever haunt us as one of the most popular hits blunt questions!




Hits blunt questions are the most eye-opening questions ever. They are not only funny, but they make us stop for a moment and think. They take us to the basis of the things we take for granted. But bottom line, thank you Internet for all of these memes! We are sure you had a laugh with these! Let us know about your hits blunt questions in the comment section! As a bonus, here’s a video of even more of the questions that stoners of this world have asked!




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