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Higher Mentality Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

Higher Mentality Staff



This is it, people…the moment we’ve all been training for! The holiday season is here, and you have yet to purchase a single gift. You’re reeeeally into the weeds now, but don’t feel bad. Well, DO…but don’t be too hard on yourself. Higher Mentality has you covered! Here is our gift to you. Here are some carefully curated gifts for the cannabis connoisseur on your list. We proudly present, the Higher Mentality Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for 2019.


DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer – $295 USD

DaVince IQ2 vaporizer

DaVinci’s newest masterpiece – IQ2 – is the first “Fill Your Own – Know Your Dose” vaporizer, and boasts several upgrades compared to the iconic IQ. Concentrate pads, an excellent dosing pod function, easier cleaning, and the ability to track and report your dose per draw and per session are just some of the improvements which make the IQ2 an awesome gift for anyone searching for a perfect portable vaporizer. Of course you can still pack your quality dry herb into the unit (holds approximately 0.5 grams) to experience cooler vapor, ultimate flavour and control. Get one for yourself, while you’re at it. Treat yourself for being such a great gift-giver! You’ve earned it.


Higher Tee – $30 USD

Bong Mansion Higher Mentality Higher Shirt

What could be more festive than a tee proclaiming your Higher state of consciousness? This Bong Mansion/Higher Mentality collaboration has you covered! Grab one for every member of the family and bond over how great everyone looks and feels! Available in all sizes, and guaranteed to make a statement.


Skunk Travel Stash Box – $60 USD

Skunk travel stash box

Holiday travel can be arduous, but the journey can be its own reward with the Skunk Travel Stash Box from Skunk Magazine. This water and force resistant travel mate includes a grinder, UV storage jar and a mini tray. Simply remove the 1st layer mold to make room for your stash or any other precious cargo. The perfect gift for the road warrior, jet setter, or avid walker in your life.


Higher Standards Rig Kit – $180 USD

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig Kit

Dabby holidays, everyone! ‘Tis the season for a Higher Standards heavy duty rig engineered specifically for the water filtration of concentrates. Deck the halls with medical-grade borosilicate glass, and a quartz banger for optimal flavor transfer. Let the Higher Standards Rig Kit handle the concentrates, so you can concentrate on some more last-minute gift ideas!


420 Science Mega Pack – $49.99

420 Science Mega Pack

What do you get the stoner who has everything? You get them MORE OF EVERYTHING! The 420 Science Mega Pack is bursting at the seams with a plethora of pot paraphernalia. Need some Raw Papers? Done! One-hitter with roll-stop? BOOM! Joint holder? Obviously. Check this behemoth out and gift it with confidence. Also, shades! This holiday’s going to be so bright…you’ll need ‘em.


Eyce 2.0. Water Pipe Mold and Kit – $89.99 USD

Eyce 2.0. Water Pipe Mold and Kit

Show the winter weather who’s boss by crafting an incredible frozen water pipe. Take THAT, Old Man Winter…this is what being cool is all about! The Eyce 2.0 silicone mold creates an all-ice chamber which is compatible with any standard 9mm slide. Hot tip: It’s convertible to rig use! The weather outside is frightful, but the Eyce is so delightful!

There you have it, friends. We hope that the Higher Mentality Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for 2019 Go forth, and gift with confidence

Happy holidays from all of us here at Higher Mentality!