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High Times CEO Stormy Simon gets Into The Weeds

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Newly appointed High Times CEO, Stormy Simon shares her story on this week’s episode of Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds

Stormy Simon

Ben Rispin, Stormy Simon, Jon Cappetta and Bubba Nicholson after recording Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds at Nevada’s Cannabis Cup

On episode 66 of Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast. Ben Rispin and Bubba Nicholson welcome Stormy Simon, former President of and newly appointed CEO of High Times Magazine. Co-Hosting the show is Jon Cappetta VP of content also of High Times. Long time listeners may remember Jon from Into The Weed’s “Hollywood Sessions” as not only a guest, but also a guest co-host. Cappetta filled in when Nicholson had to leave the sessions early due to a back injury.

Episode 66 kicks off a small run of shows Nicholson Rispin recorded in December while attending MJ Biz Conference and Cannabis Cup in Las Vegas.

Ben Rispin and Bubba Nicholson

Bubba Nicholson and Ben Rispin of Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast at the High Times Cannabis Cup Nevada

Absent from the episode, is Efrem Martinez-Schulz who at the time was on tour with his band Death by Stereo. Schulz will be returning for several new episodes set to be shot in 2020 and can be seen touring North America this March with legendary LA skate punks, Strung Out.

WATCH: Stormy Simon on Into The Weeds

In a published blog post written for, Rispin had this to say about the interview; “We interviewed Stormy at the High Times booth amongst the vendors. It was early enough that the crowds were still thin enough to get an awesome interview with someone I now consider to be a good friend. Again, I don’t want to ruin the episode, but man, what a story she has. She’s also super sexy, wise, humble, and for someone I feel has enough money to vanish, she doesn’t seem to give a fuck about stature unless you’re genuine. At one point in the interview, I asked how she knew Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and she replied, “because I Damn well made sure I knew Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.” I loved this. Stormy is someone everyone should want to be around.”

ITW: 66 – Stormy Simon – Episode Description

Stormy Simon on ITW

Stormy Simon gets into the weeds.

ITW:66 – Stormy Simon – CEO High Times

Ben, Bubba and guest host Jon Cappetta discuss with Stormy Simon starting at as a temp, rising through the ranks to become president, being a single mother, and how she got into the weeds.

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Join musician Ben Rispin, regulated Cannabis market specialist Bubba Nicholson and LA Punk Legend Efrem Martinez- Schulz as they delve into the depths of the cannabis experience with some of the world’s most fascinating users and explore  how they got Into The Weeds.

Into The Weeds Hosts Celebrate at Thrive Cannabis

Into The Weeds Hosts Celebrate at Thrive Cannabis

Read more about Stormy Simon and High Times here

Picture provided by Stormy Simon

Stormy Simon, new CEO of High Times Holding Corp