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Is Dancing Better When You’re High?

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dancing better when you're high?

While it may be frowned upon, dancing or choreography can become quite creative with the use of cannabis.

Is dancing better when you’re high? It’s an age-old question, one that can only be answered by someone who has both smoked and boogied down. Luckily, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to teach dance lessons and perform for a while now with the Army of Sass.

While smoking marijuana has been closely linked with activities such as video games, movies and of course munching out. And while that couch-lock idea is really nice and relaxing, if you feel energized, dancing could be the answer. Whether or not you want to go out, or you have a dance class to attend, or perhaps your teaching, cannabis can benefit each activity.

Great for social interaction, cannabis also has the unique benefit of enhancing music and connection to rhythms.  You just might discover a new outlet for your creativity!

Is Dancing Better When You’re High?


There are actually many benefits to actively using your brain and smoking weed. And it can even be beneficial for picking up a new skill. Despite any claims of memory loss, this information may be contradictory to the experience.

In fact, a year-long study conducted in the Netherlands asked Alzheimer’s patients to play video games they were unfamiliar with. The games introduced grew more complex and challenging. As a trail, one group was given marijuana before each play session, while the other played sober. It turns out that the group that smoked obtained scores 43% higher on average!

So, when you look at this response, picking up a new dance move can potentially offer the same mental stimulation and answer the question: is dancing better when you’re high?

Brain Activity

Using cannabis can open up to mental pathways when cannabis is used. Activity will seem smooth and potentially more enjoyable. This is all due to the brain releasing dopamine. Dopamine is essentially behind all the enjoyable experience such as love, attention or motivation. Therefore, this will result in a high level of satisfaction while working in or teaching a new skill such a dancing.

Stoned Choreography


For those out there who are creators, cannabis has always been a beneficial tool for sparking that edge, but is dancing better when you’re high? While it isn’t necessarily a community that is pro-cannabis, they aren’t against it either. The facts are if you are teaching between the ages of 19, you should stay clear. But if you are home, creating your own lesson plans, there is no reason for despair. In fact, this may be your more energetically creative time for your dancing.

For many choreographers, this experience allows them to expand their skill and become more advanced. Allows for mental pathways to open and new ideas to be experienced.


The same energy and change in perspective from cannabis can change a whole experience. And smoking may create an extension of the music. The whole experience of music is all amplified by rhythms, beats, sounds and even instruments. All this will heighten your enjoyment of the experience. This could be a reason why so many of our celebrity music artist use cannabis and openly speak on this.

The facts are strong in ties to creativity, which can be amplified when dancing. It may be the rhythms of the bass or the melody of the voice that entice you. No matter what it is, it is a real experience that is heightened by cannabis.

Is Dancing Better When You’re High? Benefits of Dancing


  1. Improved condition of your heart and lungs
  2. Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
  3. Increased aerobic fitness
  4. Improved muscle tone and strength
  5. Bone Strengthening
  6. Better coordination, agility, and flexibility
  7. Improved balance and spatial awareness
  8. Increased physical confidence and weight stability
  9. Improved mental functioning
  10. Greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  11. Increased social skills

Higher Conclusion

The most important part of any experience is to make sure you are having fun. So, if smoking can create a space for that, then great news! Dancing is a full-rounded activity packed full of benefits for the body. And cannabis only supports this activity, whether you are teaching the class or taking one.

Plus, a night out with some girl or bro’s creates a great social atmosphere that is safe and healthy. From freestyling to planning choreography for your next class, using cannabis could be a potential benefit for you and your friends.  The more effort you can put behind your movement, the better the health benefits will be.


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